BNK48/CGM48 has arrived in Japan for the Thai Festival Tokyo 2023.

BNK48 and CGM48 came to Japan on 21 May to perform at the Thai Festival Tokyo 2023 at Yoyogi Park Event Square in Tokyo.

The six members of BNK48 Minmin, Pancake, Popper, L, Cherprang and CGM48 Kaiwan, who were selected by fan voting using BNK tokens from 17 April to 4 May, came to Japan as “Thai Festival Tokyo 2023 Senbatsu member”

The stage performance consisted of seven songs, starting with “Iiwake Maybe”. In particular, in the 5th song, CGM48’s latest single “Sansei Kawaii!” the audience was given a lecture on how to call out and join in with the song. It was an open-air live performance post Covid and allowed the audience to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

In addition, 1st gen Cherprang, who had been to Japan several times, will be graduating in October. This was her last visit to Japan as a BNK48 member. When the announcement of her graduation was made again to her Japanese fans, with a feeling of deep emotion, the audience said out loud “AWWW”.

After thanking them with “Arigato gozaimasu”, Cherprang announced the title of the song for the graduation single (BNK48 14th single). First, she announced the Japanese name “Yakusoku” in Japanese. Then, in Thai words, ‘สัญญญานะ (Sanyana)” (*’สัญญญ means “promise” in English), holding up her pinky finger, gesture for a promise” She announced, “Please see it on YouTube next month”.

The song will be an original BNK48 song. Cherprang said, “Please continue to support BNK48 and CGM48. Today will be our last performance in Japan. Let’s have fun!”

The final song was the well-known ‘Koisuru Fortune Cookie’. The audience sang and danced in unison with the fans to the call of ‘Onigiri~’, enjoying the festival for the first time in four years since 2019.

<The impression and comment from the member>

  • Popper
    It’s like a dream come true to be able to perform at the Thailand festival. Japan is the birthplace of our sister group AKB48, so it feels like another dream come true for us as idols. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to perform in Japan and experience the atmosphere of meeting Japanese fans for the first time. I feel the excitement in my heart as if a light has been lit in my heart. Thank you so much, fans, for this opportunity and the good memories.
  • Kaiwan
    I am very honoured and happy to be able to perform at such an event. This time I felt especially pressured because I was the only CGM48 member, I want to make the CGM48 members and the CGM48 fans proud, I want them to know CGM48 and to praise me a lot. It was a great experience and I would like to perform at this event with everyone from CGM48 if the opportunity arises. Thank you for your continued support of CGM48.
  • Cherplang
    I am very happy to be able to perform at Thailand festival in Japan again, as I have very few opportunities to meet my fans in Japan. I would like to thank all the fans who have had my back, including everyone who came to support and watch BNK48’s performance again. It was so much fun. Thank you also for the encore at the end! I am sorry that our time was limited. This is the last time I will perform in Japan as a member of the band. It was a wonderful memory! I hope to see you again next time in a different position -.

<Set list>

  1. Iiwake Maybe (言い訳Maybe)
  2. Shoujotachi yo – วันใหม่ (少女たちよ)
  3. First Rabbit (ファーストラビット)
  4. Belivers
  5. Sansei Kawaii! – เธออะ Kawaii! (賛成カワイイ!)
  6. 77 no Suteki na Machi e –77 ดินแดนแสนวิเศษ
  7. Koisuru Fortune Cookie คุกกี้เสี่ยงทาย / (恋するフォーチュンクッキー)

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