BNK48 pays homage to AKB48 in the music video for their 13th single “Iiwake Maybe”

BNK48 released it’s 13th single “Iiwake Maybe” on February 26. The 1st song of 2023 as the new BNK48, after many of the 1st-gen graduated at the end of last year, was a hit song of the memorable 1st AKB48 general election back in 2009 by AKB48.

The centre for this release was 3rd-gen member Pancake. It was her first time to be selected and her first time playing the center role. The 16 members selected for the song included 1st-gen member Cherprang, known to be selected 12 times, and fellow first-gen Japanese member Miori. Monet from Team BⅢ and the trainee Janry, L, and Patt were selected for the first time, along with Pancake.

The highlight of the current production is the music video (MV), which pays homage to the original version of AKB48 from 14 years ago. The red-checked school uniform costumes in the dance scene are almost the same as those of AKB48. The costumes were supervised by Shinobu Kayano, a designer who has been making costumes for AKB48 since their debut, which is understandable. The dance performance scene on the bright green lawn also follows the original camera angles. Other scenes were also included in the narrative portion of the film, with the centre Pancake pedalling a bicycle, just like Atsuko Maeda did in the original.

Puttiroj Devakul Na Ayutthaya, music director, says, “The concept of the song is like sending energy to your friends to make your dreams come true, and they are there to help each other and push on together.

The 16 newly selected members, consisting of 1st to 4th-gen members, demonstrate the charm of a classic idol in every way.

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Cherprang, Fame, Minmin, Miori, Monet, Wee, Hoop, Fond, Gygee, New, Pampam, Pancake, Paeyah, Janry, L, Patt

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