BNK48 Graduation Concert for 19 of 1st-gen members, Including Music and Mobile


BNK48 held a graduation concert “BNK48 1st Generation Concert Dan D’1ion” on December 18 at the BITEC Exhibition and Convention Center in Bangkok.

5 years and 10 months have passed since the 1st-gen members were first unveiled in February 2017. There are 22 members still enrolled in the group today. Nineteen of them will graduate before the end of the year, so this was the last concert held by the first-gen members.

The concept of the concert was “Dandelion,” the image of a dandelion seed that had been united and was now blowing in the wind as the 22 members of the first term left to pursue their dreams. All 22 members have also been working as one in the Thai idol scene for 6 years, and this was linked to the image of them finally departing on their journey.

At the concert, they sang the 1st gen members’ special single “Jiwaru DAYS” released in November, its coupling “Pioneer”, and the graduation song “Sakura no Ki ini Narou”. They finished their last performance with no regrets.


Music said at the press conference, “Thanks to the fans’ support for our dreams, we were able to deliver our dreams to them”. Pun added, “Idols and fans were inseparable. It is thanks to all of you that we have been able to continue BNK48 until today.

19 members, including Mobile and Music, will graduate this month, and Cherprang, Miori, and Satchan were on the farewell side of the stage.


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BNK48 1st Generation Concert “Dan D’lion” คอนเสิร์ตสุดท้าย BNK48 รุ่นที่ 1