BNK48 Tarwaan solo new song Soundtrack for the movie “The Cheese Sisters”

BNK48 Team NV Captain Tarwaan released her solo song “ข้าง ๆ” (read: Kankahn, meaning “beside”) on October 31. The song is the soundtrack to the movie “The Cheese Sisters,” which will be released throughout Thailand on November 24, and is a ballad about warmth and friendship.

The song was her last big project after announcing her graduation from the group by the end of the year at “BNK48 & CGM48 Request Hour 2022 – Best 25,” the 1st request hour as a 48 group in Thailand, held in Bangkok.She has always had a reputation for her singing ability, so much so that she was selected in the group’s audition to sing the coupling song “Mata Anata no Koto wo Kangaeteta –คิดถึง…–” for the 5th single “BNK Festival” released on December 14, 2018, where she showed off her beautiful voice and was selected as a member of the group.

The music video for this solo song also features BNK48 members Namneung and Noey in a friendly appearance and the scene of the two working together at a ranch while Tarwaan sings softly.

The film “The Cheese Sisters” is a human drama set on a dairy farm. The film intersects the lives of four women: one who is engaged in the family dairy business, one who has begun a journey of self-discovery, one who has come to see an old lover, and one who secretly has a crush on someone.

The producers Kru Eh and Pongchak Phitthanaphorn said, “The song contains many emotions such as sadness, warmth, and joy. It is a mix of melodies from different genres, and the sound of stringed instruments and their melodies connect with the lyrics and tell the story of the film.”

For Tarwaan, it will be an opportunity to leap forward as a solo artist next year.

<Official music video: ข้าง ๆ (OST. The Cheese Sisters) / Tarwaan Isarapa>.

<The Cheese Sisters” PR video>