BNK48 4th gen and CGM48 2nd gen make their first public appearance

On October 30, BNK48 and CGM48 held their 1st “BNK48 & CGM48 Request Hour 2022 – Best 25” at Union Mall Thailand in Bangkok. BNK48 4th gen trainee and CGM48 2nd gen trainee were unveiled for the first time.
The BNK48 4th gen member had their first audition in June, and 11 of them passed the final audition. The 2nd gen of CGM48 also started their 1st audition in June, and 7 of them joined the group.
We look forward to seeing them grow up to be strong in the future, learning from their senpai members.

<BNK48 4th generation members>
Born on July 23, 2005.
Her favorite food is her mother’s cooking and asmr videos. Her hobbies are watching dramas, TikTok, singing, dancing, and sleeping.
Blood type O

Born on September 13, 2007.
Her favorites are salmon, singing, and pink mango. Her hobbies are sleeping, mysteries, and eating.
Blood type B

Born on January 3, 2008.
She likes Sanrio. Hobbies are watching dramas, eating, and sleeping.
Blood type O

Born on February 13, 2003
Favorite foods are tornado fries, loves sitting comfortably, sleeping, Detective Conan, and gray color. Hobbies are sleeping.
Blood type B

Born on April 29, 2009 
She likes cats, dogs, sweets, Detective Conan, and purple color. Her hobbies are singing, eating, and anime.
Blood type A

Born on June 12, 2007 
She likes cosmetics, makeup, and desserts. Her hobbies are singing, listening to music and watching movies.
Blood type A

Born on March 1, 2001, her favorites are Doraemon, cats, and dogs. Her hobby is playing games.
Blood type B

Born on October 28, 2003. Her favorites are cats, salmon, green tea, pink, and cookies. Hobbies are singing in her room at home and watching cat videos.
Blood type A

Born on June 17, 2008
She loves Care Bears. Hobby is eating
Blood type A

Born on April 3, 2009
Her favorites are dogs, cats, and sweets. Hobbies are singing, painting, dancing, listening to music, guitar, piano, TikTok
Blood type AB

Born on August 11, 2009
Favorites are pets, dancing, and food. Hobbies are gardening, dancing, gym, singing in the bathroom
Blood type O

<CGM48 2nd generation member>
Born on February 12, 2004
Her favorite are gummy bears, dancing, and nature. Hobbies are photography, listening to music, and collecting cute things.
Blood type O

Born on December 10, 2006
She loves eating and watching movies. Her hobbies are listening to music and playing ukulele.
Blood type A

Born on January 30, 2002
She loves cats, watching movies, anime, and Mara (hot spit-roast). Her hobbies are playing games and cosplay.
Blood type B

Born on July 06, 2000
She loves brownies and watching movies. Hobbies are listening to music and skating.
Blood type B

Born on February 27, 2003
She loves salmon and dogs. Hobbies are sleeping, playing games, listening to music and watching movies.
Blood type O

Born on August 17, 2007
She enjoys sports, listening to music, and cooking. Her hobbies are badminton.
Blood type O

Born on February 10, 2006
She likes cats and anime.
Hobbies are listening to music, watching movies, and collecting figures.
Blood type B