BNK48 held Request Hour / Noey’s “Kimi wa Melody” took 1st place and she announced her graduation

On October 30, BNK48 and CGM48 held “BNK48 & CGM48 Request Hour 2022 – Best 25” as the 1st request hour held for the group. The top 25 songs from the total of 124 songs released by the 2 groups were announced and performed as voted by fans.

The event was held at Union Mall in Bangkok, with a total of 74 members. The first place went to “Kimi wa Melody” by Noey, who announced her graduation on the same day. This was a version arranged in ballad style, presented as a project of “Charaline,” a unit consisting of five 1st-gen members.

The 2nd place went to the original song “Its Life,” and the 3rd place to Tarwaan’s version of “Yokaze no Shiwaza” who also announced her graduation on that day.

There were also new announcements: Fame, Monet, and Peak from BNK48 will be promoted to Team BIII. Earth and Eve will be promoted to Team NV. And 11 of 4th-gen members from BNK48 and 7 of 2nd-gen members from CGM48 were unveiled for the first time.

In addition, It was announced that Miori appointed as vice-captains and Hoop will be the captain of BNK48 Team BⅢ. Popper was appointed as vice-captain and, Nine was the new captain of Team NV.
Finally, 1st-gen members, Noey, Pun, and Tarwaan, announced their graduation by the end of the year.

Noey & Pun ©iAM

< BNK48 & CGM48 Request Hour 2022 – Best 25>
1st: Kimi wa Melody – เธอคือ…เมโลดี้ (Noey’s ver.)
by Noey, Pun

2nd: It’s Life
by Cherprang

3rd: Yokaze no Shiwaza – พระจันทร์เสี้ยว (Tarwaan’s ver.)
by Tarwaan

4th: จากใจผู้สาวคนนี้
by Mobile

5th: Myujikkii
by Music

Noey ©iAM
Cherprang ©iAM
Tarwaan ©iAM
Mobile ©iAM
Music ©iAM

6th: มะลิ(Mali)
by Kaning*, Angel, Aom, Champoo, Fahsai, Fortune, Izurina, Jayda, Jjae, Kaiwan, Kyla, Latin, Marmink, Meen, Mei, Milk, Nena, Nenie, Parima, Pim CGM48, Ping, Punch, Sita

7th: Believers
by Mobile*, Aom, Fond, Gygee, Kaimook, Kaning, Marmink, Minmin, Miori, Music, Namneung, Noey, Pim CGM48, Pupe, Tarwaan, Wee

8th: BNK48
by BNK48 Team BⅢ
Pun, Jennis, Cherprang, Earn, Grace, Jane, Jib, Kaew, Kate, Korn, Mean, Minmin, Miori, Myyu, Niky, Noey, Paeyah, Panda, Piam, Wee, Yayee

8th: Kaiyuugyo no Capacity – หมดทั้งใจให้เธอ
by BNK48 Team BⅢ: Pun, Jennis, Cherprang, Earn, Grace, Jane, Jib, Kaew, Kate, Korn, Mean, Minmin, Miori, Myyu, Niky, Noey, Paeyah, Panda, Piam, Wee, Yayee

9th: 365-nichi no Kamihikouki – 365 วันกับเครื่องบินกระดาษ
by Jennis*, Earn, Earth, Jaa, Jib, Kaew, Kaofrang, Miori, Music, Niky, Nine, Panda, Popper, Satchan, Stang, Tarwaan

10th: BNK Festival
by Pun*, Cherprang, Fond, Kaimook, Mobile, Monet, Pakwan, Pampam, Pancake, Peak, Piam, Pim BNK48, Pupe, Ratah, Wee, Yoghurt

11th: High Tension
by Namneung*, Eve, Fame, Grace, Gygee, Jane, Jaokhem, Kate, Korn, Mean, Mind, Myyu, Namsai, Noey, Orn, Yayee

12t: Anata to Christmas Eve – คำสัญญาแห่งคริสต์มาสอีฟ (Kaew’s ver.)
by Kaew

13th: พร่ำเพ้อ (Bubbles in the sky)
by Marmink

14th: Team NV Oshi
by BNK48 Team NV
Tarwaan, Pupe, Fond, Gygee, Jaa, Kaimook, Kaofrang, Mobile, Music, Namneung, Namsai, New, Nine, Orn, Paeyah, Pampam, Pancake, Phukkhom, Popper, Ratah, Satchan, Stang, Yoghurt

15th: Temodemo no Namida – ถึงแม้จะมีน้ำตา
by Cherprang, Music

16th: Chiang Mai 106
by Sita*, Angel, Aom, Champoo, Fortune, Izurina, Kaiwan, Kaning, Marmink, Meen, Milk, Nena, Nenie, Parima, Ping, Punch

17th: RIVER
by Orn*, Cherprang, Jane, Jennis, Jib, Kaew, Korn, Mobile, Music, Namneung, Namsai, Noey, Piam, Pun, Pupe, Tarwaan

18th: Make noise
by Champoo, Earn, Fame, Fortune, Izurina, Jaa, Kaiwan, Mind, New, Paeyah, Pampam, Phukkhom, Popper, Sita, Stang

19th: Tsugi no Season – ฤดูใหม่
by Mewnich**, Aom, Fond, Gygee, Khamin, Minmin, Myyu, New, Niky, Nine, Pakwan, Panda, Phukkhom, Ratah, Stang, Wee

20th: Koisuru Fortune Cookie – คุกกี้เสี่ยงทาย
by Mobile*, Cherprang, Izurina, Jane, Jennis, Kaew, Kaimook, Mind, Miori, Music, Namneung, Orn, Pun, Pupe, Satchan, Tarwaan

21st: Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru Chouchou – ทุ่งดอกไม้ยามรัตติกาล
by Minmin, Noey

22nd: Reborn
by Izurina*, Fahsai, Jaa, Jib, Kate, Korn, Latin, Mei, Miori, Myyu, Namsai, New, Nine, Pakwan, Phukkhom, Piam, Ping, Satchan, Wee

23rd: Heavy Rotation
by Jane*, Cherprang, Fond, Jennis, Kaew, Kaimook, Minmin, Mobile, Music, Namneung, Noey, Orn, Pun, Pupe, Tarwaan, Wee

24th: First Rabbit
by Paeyah*, Earn, Earth, Eve, Fame, Grace, Jaokhem, Kaofrang, Mean, Monet, Pampam, Pancake, Peak, Pim BNK48, Popper, Yayee, Yoghurt

25th: คงทำได้แค่รอ (last thing i can do)
by Fortune

CGM48 ©iAM

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