BNK48 & CGM48 Sports Day 2022 : Team TURTLE takes the first place!


On September 10, BNK48 and CGM48 held “Chibikko Undoukai” as a Sports Day at THUNDER DOOM in Bangkok. The 77 members were divided into four teams, orange “HUMSTAR,” blue “HUMMING BIRD,” red “ANT,” and green “TURTLE,” and challenged themselves in various events starting at 10:00 am.

The events were a little different from a regular field day, and included a tug-of-war, futsal, dinosaur race, and tricycle race, all of which the “little ones” loves. The members enjoyed themselves to the fullest with the innocence of a child.

The winner was “TURTLE” led by CGM48 trainee Milk (16). Mobile (20), who came in first in the 3rd BNK48 general election in the spring, and others were overjoyed.

The event also featured performances of “Believers,” the title track and “Kinou Yori Motto Suki” and “Make Noise,” the coupling tracks from their 12th single released on August 28, to the delight of the packed audience.

▼Gold medal:Team TURTLE
Leader:CGM48 Milk
BNK48/ Earn, Eve, Panda, Mobile, Pim, Piam, Hoop, Korn, Grace, Earth, Fond, Orn, Namnueng
CGM48/ Angel, Kaning, Meen, Pim, Champoo, Kyla

▼Silver medal:Team HUMMING BIRD
Leader:BNK48 Monet
BNK48/ Jaokhem, Khamin, Pakwan, Ratah, Yoghurt, Pun, Paeyah, Jane, Pupe, New, Popper,
Jennis, Gygee, Kate
CGM48/ Nena, Latin, Aom, Izurina, Fahsai, Marmink

▼Bronze medal:Team ANT
Leader:BNK48 Satchan
BNK48/ Yayee, Minmin, Fame, Peak, Pancake, Kaofrang, Cherprang, Namsai, Niky, Phukkhom, Kaimook, Pampam, Mean, Stang
CGM48/ Fortune, Parima, Sita, Ping

▼4th place:Team HAMSTAR
Leader:BNK 48 Kaew
BNK48 / Mind, Myyu, Nine, Miori, Jaa, Wee, Music, Jib, Noey, Tarwaan
CGM48/ Jayda, Jjae, Nenie, Punch, Khaiwan, Mei