BNK48 12th single “Believers” MV released, AKB48 Okada & Murayama join the production

BNK48 released its 12th single “Believers” on August 28 and held a launch event “BNK48 12th SINGLE “Believers” FIRST PERFORMANCE” at Union Mall in Bangkok. A music video (MV) was also released.

The latest single is sung by the top 16 singers selected in the “3rd BNK48 Single Selection General Election” held on April 9, and the centre is played by Mobile (20) of Team NV, who won first place in the same general election. The music video was shot in Tokyo and Kitakyushu, Japan, with the members visiting Japan.

The music video starts from Mobile, which stands in the bayside area where Tokyo Tower can be seen. The video was shot on location at a plaza near Odaiba and at a temple with lush greenery typical of Japan, as well as at Kokura Castle in Kitakyushu City, and the Sarakurayama Cable Car and Wakato Ohashi Bridge in the same city.

Selected members were also filmed enjoying sightseeing, such as happily writing ema (votive tablet) at a temple, enjoying the spectacular view from Mt. Sarakura, and eating yaki-imo (baked sweet potato) in a shopping street.

Of course, there were also scenes of the members strolling through their favourite cities, such as Akihabara and Shibuya Scramble Crossing. They also enjoyed playing with purikura (photo booths), just like Japanese women of their generation.

The last scene of the event was a visit to the AKB48 Theater by the top three and the opening of the theatre’s gates. It was the last scene.

The director of the music video said, “People who never give up on their dreams and follow their own will are divided into four groups, which differ according to the places of interest in Japan: shopping, observing beautiful nature, visiting temples, and so on. And in the scene where Mobile says thank you to her reflection in the mirror, she expresses that her future self, who will be the selected and centre of the group, is thankful to her current self for having made it this far”.

And the lyrics for this single were written by Nana Okada (24) of AKB48, whom the BNK48 members admire. She put into the lyrics the image of a person who believes in her or her potential and goes after her or her dreams while being encouraged by those who believe in her or her.

In a message video posted on BNK48’s official YouTube page, Okada said, “I wrote the song on the theme that I wished I could write a song about Mobile-chan’s wish to be the first runner-up. So I asked Mobile-chan to tell me about her general election speech and asked her about 20 more questions,” she revealed.

What colour do you like? What is your favourite flower? I asked her what was the hardest thing she ever did, what was the most fun thing she ever did, what her best friends were, etc., and she gave me hints for writing the lyrics.

“I had never written lyrics before, but it was easy to write them because I had the demo soundtrack and Mobile-chan’s information. I was able to write them pretty easily.”

The dance choreography was produced by Yuiri Murayama (25) of AKB48.

Murayama said, “It was my first time choreographing, so it was so difficult that I even slept over at the lesson place for the first time. I was under a lot of pressure to understand Na-chan’s thoughts on the lyrics and apply them to the choreography, but when it was completed, I was very moved”.

“I got advice from the choreographer on which choreography to use as the main part of the song, and it was difficult to come up with choreography that was not used in other songs, such as Mobile-chan’s pose holding the phone and the letter M.”

Finally, Murayama said, “It’s a positive song, so I hope people other than the Senbatsu members will sing it,” and Okada encouraged the audience, “I would be happy if you sing it while thinking of the fans who believe in you and support you, and of the members who are supporting you by your side”.

Mobile said, “I was very nervous and cried during the music video shooting. However, we all practised this song to the best of our ability, and we were very confident in our performance”.

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