BNK48 12th “Believers” unveiled at the release commemorative event


BNK48 released its 12th single “Believers” on August 28, and held a launch event BNK48 12th SINGLE “Believers” FIRST PERFORMANCE at Union Mall in Bangkok. The performance was performed on stage for the first time and the music video was shown for the first time.

The latest single was sung by the top 16 singers selected in the 3rd BNK48 Single Selection General Election held on April 9, and the center of the single was played by Mobile (=20) of Team NⅤ, who won the first place in the same general election. The song is a BNK48 original with a medium-fast tempo and a J-POP taste, and the lyrics were written by Nana Okada (24) of AKB48. Okada The lyrics express a person who, encouraged by people who believe in her and her own potential, is working toward her dreams. The resulting lyrics symbolize the current BNK48 and CGM48. The dance choreography was produced by Ayaki Murayama (25) of AKB48.

The event featured 10 familiar songs, including the former single “Sayonara Crawl,” and the new single was performed for the first time in the 11th song at the climax of the main event. Appearing in a light purple mini-skirt and navel-baring outfit, they sang and danced in a royal idol choreography in a formation with Center Mobile singing, followed by 2nd place Music (21) and 3rd place Noey (25) standing on either side of them.

After the refreshing performance, Mobile said, “I was happy (that so many people came) and nervous today. I was afraid that I would make a mistake in the dance. The lyrics of the song express our feelings to our fans: “You are very important to us. I am thrilled to be the center of this song. I hope you will all take care of this song”.

The event, which lasted less than two hours, was concluded with a chorus of “Anata ga Ite Kureta Kara – บ้านแห่งหัวใจ” another message song expressing gratitude to the fans, performed by all the members.

This year’s general election had been a big topic of discussion, with the name of “Mobile ” holding the 2nd tag of global Twitter trends and the 1st tag of Thailand trends for many hours.

Its general election selection “Believers” is likely to be another big topic of conversation after this release.


<Set list>

  1. River
  2. Maeshika Mukanee – สุดเส้นทาง
  3. Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara – ก็เพราะว่าชอบเธอ
  4. Hashire! Penguin – วิ่งไปสิ…เพนกวิน
  5. มะลิ (Mali)
  6. First Rabbit
  7. Sayonara Crawl
  8. Skirt, Hirari – พลิ้ว
  9. Kinou Yori Motto Suki – ชอบเธอมากกว่าเมื่อวาน
  10. Make noise
  11. Believers
  12. Anata ga Ite Kureta Kara – บ้านแห่งหัวใจ