BNK48 Cherprang appeared on NMB48 Karin Kojima’s YouTube channel

BNK48 Cherprang (26) made her first appearance on NMB48 Captain Karin Kojima (23)’s official YouTube “KARIN channel” on August 19. Coming to Japan as a selected member of BNK48 & CGM48 for TIF2022. She also made a surprise appearance at the NMB48 Theater in Osaka on August 10, performing “NAGIICHI” with the NMB48 members. Cherprang’s behind the scene was shown on YouTube.

Izurina (26) of CGM48 Co-appeared as an interpreter. Kojima taught them how to dance “Nagiichi” (ナギイチ). Cherprang, a “former fan” who had supported NMB48 from Thailand before joining BNK48, smiled shyly and said in Japanese, “Chotto dake (I know a bit)”.

After that, they rehearsed with NMB48 members on the stage of the theatre. During the intermission, Nagisaki Shibuya (25) and Kojima chatted with each other, “Anime daisuki, imaha ‘HAIKYU’ ♡” (=(= I like Anime so much , especially, ‘HAIKYU’) and talked about their hobbies with a volleyball gesture, which was a very heartwarming exchange.

The groups also participated in a circle before the show started together, and their performance on stage was also recorded.
Tears of joy were also shed as she realized her longtime dream of singing at the NMB48 theatre.

In the upcoming update, a captain’s talk with Kojima will be released on the YouTube channel. What will it be about? We can’t take our eyes off of it.

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BNK48 Cherprang performs NAGIICHI at NMB48’s theatre performance!