BNK48 & CGM48 1st “INDY CAMP”

On August 21, BNK48 and CGM48 held the “INDY CAMP FESTIVAL CONCERT” at ChangChui: Creative Park, an art-themed market on the outskirts of Bangkok.

INDY CAMP” is an event in which Panda (24), Stang (18), and Wee (20) from BNK48, Fortune (23), Marmink (22), and Pepo (15) from CGM48 write and compose songs under the guidance of professional artists.

The project began in May of last year, and in October of the same year, each member produced and released a solo music video, one at a time. Now, after overcoming oronavirus disaster, the first live performance of the project has finally come to fruition. The five members, excluding Peepo, who had graduated, appeared on stage. Stang played keyboards, Marmink played acoustic guitar, Fortune, Wee also picked up the guitars, and Panda played drums forming a proper band. Each of them had now performed their own solo songs for the first time to the audience, both individually and together.

Marmink said, “This was the first time I was able to perform a solo song live. I was so nervous during rehearsals that I could not sleep the night before, but I was able to perform to the best of my ability and had a lot of fun”.

Fortune was satisfied, and she said, “I was so moved by this opportunity. One of my dreams to perform in this concert. I was very happy to be able to perform to the best of my ability. I was proud of myself, and I am also proud of the members. Everyone did a great job”.

The end of the performance, everyone sang “SuperCarCare (feat. D GERRARD),” a song by producer Rat Pikartpairee’s, a song by a band called TATTOO COLOUR. The stage was a great success.

<Music videos of INDY CAMP >
Stang BNK48

・คงทำได้แค่รอ (last thing i can do)
Fortune CGM48

・บีดี้บั๊บ (บิ๊บบีดี้บั๊บบีดี้บู) ※Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
Panda BNK48

・พร่ำเพ้อ (Bubbles in the sky)
Marmink CGM48

・HEARD (เคยได้ยิน)
Pepo CGM48

・Beg the stars (อยากขอดาว)
Wee BNK48

・INDY CAMP Play list

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*Episode 1-6 are now available.

BNK48 Panda
CGM48 Fortune
CGM48 Marmink
BNK48 Wee
BNK48 Stang