BNK48/CGM48 to perform at TIF2022


BNK48 and CGM48 will select members to form a special unit to perform at TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2022, August, in Odaiba, Tokyo, for the first time in three years. The performance will take place at the special stage of the “TIF ASIA TOUR” on August 6.

For the first time in a long time that BNK48 and CGM48 can be seen performing live in Japan. The selected members (special unit) for this event are Cherprang (26), Jennis (22), Tarwaan (25), and Pun (21) from BNK48 as well as Aom (26) and Izurina (26) from CGM48.

Izurina tweeted on her official Twitter page, “This will be my first time on stage in Japan in a long time! I’m going to Japan! lol I’m looking forward to meeting you all♡”.

This year, BNK48 will shoot the MV for their 12th single, with lyrics by AKB48 Nana Okada and choreography by Yuiri Murayama, in Japan, which the top 16 members from the “3rd BNK48 General Election” held in April, will perform for the new single.

The group also performed at the TIF ASIA TOUR, run by TIF and held in Bangkok, as well as its online event, where they showed their latest performance to their Japanese fans via a streaming video.
The company has resumed its active engagement with Japan, as it did before the Corona Disaster until 2019. This stage at TIF2022, Japan’s largest idol festival, will be another great opportunity for them to make their presence known again.

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