BNK48 Horror-Comedy Film “ผ้าผีบอก (Pah Pee Bok)” Premiered


The movie “ผ้าผีบอก (Pah Pee Bok)” starring five members of BNK48 was launched in Thailand on June 23. On the evening of June 22, the day before the film’s release, “ผ้าผีบอก GALA PREMIERE EVENT” was held at the Paragon Cineplex inside Siam Paragon in Bangkok.

The five actors who starred in the film, Wee (20), Gygee (20), Namneung (25) Mobile (19), and Pupe (24), attended the event as speakers. They also talked with their co-stars, a popular Thai actors Yin Anan and War Wanarat, known as “YinWar,” as well as the film’s director.


The story of the film is a horror comedy about the cursed cloth that dates back 1,000 years. The film is also noteworthy for its use of traditional costumes from northern and northeastern Thailand as a motif.

Two theme songs based on traditional Thai music have also been attracting attention, and were performed on this day: “หมกกบ (Mokgop)” and “มนต์รักจิ้งหรีด (Monrakchinrite)”.
In the rhythmic “หมกกบ (Mokgop),” they sang and danced to highly addictive folk music in costumes with luxurious feathers attached to their bodies. The ballad “มนต์รักจิ้งหรีด (Monrakchinrite)” was sung in a sorrowful voice in front of a display of a full moon.

The music video for “หมกกบ (Mokgop)” was released on the same day. “มนต์รักจิ้งหรีด (Monrakchinrite)” was also unveiled on June 24.

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