Mobile crowned for the first time for BNK 3rd Senbatsu General Election

1位になったモバイル ©iAM

On April 9, BNK48 held “BNK48 12th Single Senbatsu General Election”, that was the 3rd general election for the group, at Union Hall in Bangkok, with first-term student Mobile (19) winning the first place was awarded to the first-place winner. The preliminary results had her in 6th place, but she came in 3rd in the interim, and the final results showed a stunning turnaround. After a series of close calls with 4th and 5th place finishes since the first round, the long-cherished wish was finally fulfilled.

The second place was announced, where all the results were revealed. Mobile and Music (21), also from Team NV, stood side by side, holding hands, waiting with bated breath for the moment. When the name was called, Mobile cried aloud and was congratulated by the older Music, who held her head in his arms. She covered her face with her hands and sobbed, and the two embraced passionately.

Music was the center of debut single “Aitakatta (อยากจะได้พบเธอ / 会いたかった)” , on the other hand, Mobile took the center posision of BNK48’s second single “Koisuru Fortune Cookie (คุกกมี้เสี่ยงทาย / 恋する フォーチュンクッキー)” . 5 years have passed since the group was formed 5 years ago. It was also the moment when the rivalry between the two, who had always been in friendly competition as the young signature girls, came to an end.

Music announced her graduation in her speech the 2nd place immediately after the event. Mobile took over from her, and upon hearing the announcement of first place, she bowed deeply with her hands together and accepted the trophy. Once she calmed down and smiled, but as she began to speak, her emotions rose again and her eyes became moist.

“I am very nervous, And I didn’t think I would win first place.” When she opened with that, she revealed her true feelings for the first time. ” I didn’t want to get my hopes up anymore”. In the first and second rounds, she was really aiming for first place. But she didn’t get there at all, and in the third round, her defensive instincts kicked in, telling her not to get overly involved anymore.

In the midst of all this, the top place was a dream come true. “That was why I was twice as happy. I am grateful for everyone’s support, encouragement, and votes,” she said. “Even though my fans said, ‘Mobile’s first place is impossible’ they continued to support me and made my dream come true. You should all be proud of this result! I am very happy that we have lived together.”

At the beginning of her debut, she was aware that as the youngest of the first-term students, she had a small actual number of fans. Nevertheless, she was the center of the hit song “Koi Chun,” and the Thai public had a strong impression that “the center of BNK48 equal to Mobile”. Therefore, even though she had been considered the real contender for the general election since the first round, she was worried about the difference between her own experience and that of her fans.

She had long been troubled by the dilemma of having achieved fame at a young age, but it all paid off on this day. “I have nothing to show for it, but thanks to all of you, I have made it this far. How can you love me so much when you are not my family? I don’t know how I can repay you all, but with the results you have given me, I will love myself from now on, fulfill my dreams, and work hard until I am too old to sing, even if I have flown away from BNK48 in the future. Once again, thank you for bringing me here”.

Confessing all of his heart-filled thoughts, she was given a crimson and gold cape, a gold tiara, and a gold trophy, and sat on a pure white first place chair.

Lastly, AKB48 Nana Okada and Yuiri Murayama appeared on the big screen on the stage in a VTR. They praised the candidacy members, congratulated the 16 selected members, and left a message saying, “We look forward to the day when we can meet you”. Okada will write the lyrics and Murayama will choreograph the next single, the 12th single, which will be produced by the members selected in the general election.

And from now on, Mobile will lead BNK48, which has been suffering from the pandemic for the past two years, not being able to perform as much as expected.

<BNK48 12th Single Senbatsu General Election Final Result>
* The number is the number of tokens. In addition, [] indicates [March 11 breaking news ranking / March 24 intermediate ranking]

1st Mobile (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 124138.11 [6/3]
2nd Music (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 120051.94 [7/2]
3rd Noey (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 115306.45 [1/1]
4th Namnueng (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 89341.03 [2/4]
5th Pim (CGM48 Trainee) 59433.96 [5/5]
6th Kaning (CGM48 Trainee) 53234.80 [3/6]
7th Tarwaan (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 51808.74 [8/7]
8th Pupe (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 40634.05 [4/11]
9th Fond (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 40341.86 [15/15]
10th Minmin (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 36102.21 [9/8]
11th Wee (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 22671.94 [13/10]
12th Gygee (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 19668.54 [14/14]
13th Marmink (CGM48 Teainee) 19627.44 [10/12]
14th Kaimook (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 17155.48 [27/22] 
15th Miori (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 16579.73 [18/16]
16th Aom (CGM48 Team C) 16431.19 [11/9]


17th Hoop (BNK48 Trainee) 15384.97 [16/18]
18th Sita (CGM48 Trainee) 13671.84 [12/13]
19th Pukkhom (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 13528.91 [29/39]
20th Stang (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 11785.22 [23/31]
21st New (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 10789.39 [19/19]
22nd Fortune (CGM48 Trainee) 9877.98 [25/26]
23rd Champoo (CGM48 Trainee) 9778.20 [21/29]
24th Paeyah (BNK48 Trainee) 9752.89 [26/20]
25th Pampam (BNK48 Trainee ) 9450.25 [17/17]
26th Mind (BNK48 Trainee) 8606.84 [38/41]
27th Izurina (CGM48 Team C) 7392.29 [47/37]
28th Earn (BNK48 Trainee) 7365.14 [30/30]
29th Popper (BNK48 Trainee) 6983.23 [37/47]
30th Jaa (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 6760.64 [44/27]
31st Kaiwan (CGM48 Trainee) 6487.48 [24/21]
32nd Fame (BNK48 Trainee) 6097.64 [35/25]


33rd Mei (CGM48 Trainee) 5765.03 [43/40]
34th Jib (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 5757.59 [28/36]
35th Grace (BNK48 Trainee) 5574.87 [39/unranked]
36th Niky (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 5074.41 [45/45]
37th Angel (CGM48 Trainee) 5008.46 [20/23]
38th Yoghurt (BNK48 Trainee) 4868.21 [31/35]
39th Nine (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 4839.99 [unranked/unranked]
40th Jayda (CGM48 Trainee) 4732.63 [unranked/28]
41st Ratha (BNK48 Trainee) 4570.38 [22/34]
42nd Myyu (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 3919.64 [32/33]
43rd Pancake (BNK48 Trainee) 3667.27 [33/38]
44th Nenie (CGM48 Trainee) 3647.35 [40/42]
45th Ping (CGM48 Trainee) 3608.23[41/48]
46th Mean (BNK48 Trainee) 3319.30 [42/unranked]
47th Punch (CGM Trainee) 3205.98 [34/43]
48th Earth (BNK48 Trainee) 3108.14 [46/46]


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