[BNK48 General Election] Noey takes 3rd place

In Bangkok’s Union Hall on the 9th of April, BNK48 held the 3rd general election “BNK48 12th Single Senbatsu General Election”. 1st gen member Mobile (19) finally landed her 1st position whilst, Noey (25) who ranked 1st during the interim announcement, dropped back to land the 3rd position.

During the period of the 3rd general election, All eyes were on Noey, yet when her name was announced as the 3rd position, she gave a hug to her younger collogues with a charming smile. It showed her maturity, whilst Music (2nd), and Mobile (1st) seemed quite shocked.

With trophy hi up in the air with a “Yay”, she spoke with tears in her eyes.
“First of all thank you to all, you have been by my side since I was 20, now I am 25 and still here for me. Thank you so much for all this time”, she continued with a smile, “I prepared a proper speech but I forgot what I wanted to say”.

This day was Noey’s birthday and sure the fans gave all the best to give her the “Best Birthday present”. “Everyone’s support got me here, don`t be sad that I got 3rd place, for me this is a success, I never feel sad, think too much or be disappointed with general election results”. Just like Cherplang and Jane who were elected for each general election, Noey gave an announcement of her retirement for the next general election. “This will be my last general election but I am so blessed”.

Noey also spoke about her mother who saw her SNS and fell in tears for how much she was loved by all the fans. From 7th to 6th and finally, as 3rd is a great achievement. This result means Noey and Music are the only two members to take the Senbatsu position for all single of BNK48. They have certainly left a mark on history to be admired.

<BNK48 12th Single Senbatsu General Election Final Result>
* The number is the number of tokens. * [] indicates [March 11 breaking news ranking / March 24 intermediate ranking]

1st Mobile (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 124138.11 [6/3]
2nd Music (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 120051.94 [7/2]
3rd Noey (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 115306.45 [1/1]
4th Namnueng (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 89341.03 [2/4]
5th Pim (CGM48 Trainee) 59433.96 [5/5]
6th Kaning (CGM48 Trainee) 53234.80 [3/6]
7th Tarwaan (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 51808.74 [8/7]
8th Pupe (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 40634.05 [4/11]
9th Fond (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 40341.86 [15/15]
10th Minmin (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 36102.21 [9/8]
11th Wee (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 22671.94 [13/10]
12th Gygee (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 19668.54 [14/14]
13th Marmink (CGM48 Teainee) 19627.44 [10/12]
14th Kaimook (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 17155.48 [27/22] 
15th Miori (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 16579.73 [18/16]
16th Aom (CGM48 Team C) 16431.19 [11/9]

17th Hoop (BNK48 Trainee) 15384.97 [16/18]
18th Sita (CGM48 Trainee) 13671.84 [12/13]
19th Pukkhom (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 13528.91 [29/39]
20th Stang (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 11785.22 [23/31]
21st New (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 10789.39 [19/19]
22nd Fortune (CGM48 Trainee) 9877.98 [25/26]
23rd Champoo (CGM48 Trainee) 9778.20 [21/29]
24th Paeyah (BNK48 Trainee) 9752.89 [26/20]
25th Pampam (BNK48 Trainee ) 9450.25 [17/17]
26th Mind (BNK48 Trainee) 8606.84 [38/41]
27th Izurina (CGM48 Team C) 7392.29 [47/37]
28th Earn (BNK48 Trainee) 7365.14 [30/30]
29th Popper (BNK48 Trainee) 6983.23 [37/47]
30th Jaa (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 6760.64 [44/27]
31st Kaiwan (CGM48 Trainee) 6487.48 [24/21]
32nd Fame (BNK48 Trainee) 6097.64 [35/25]

33rd Mei (CGM48 Trainee) 5765.03 [43/40]
34th Jib (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 5757.59 [28/36]
35th Grace (BNK48 Trainee) 5574.87 [39/unranked]
36th Niky (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 5074.41 [45/45]
37th Angel (CGM48 Trainee) 5008.46 [20/23]
38th Yoghurt (BNK48 Trainee) 4868.21 [31/35]
39th Nine (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 4839.99 [unranked/unranked]
40th Jayda (CGM48 Trainee) 4732.63 [unranked/28]
41st Ratha (BNK48 Trainee) 4570.38 [22/34]
42nd Myyu (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 3919.64 [32/33]
43rd Pancake (BNK48 Trainee) 3667.27 [33/38]
44th Nenie (CGM48 Trainee) 3647.35 [40/42]
45th Ping (CGM48 Trainee) 3608.23[41/48]
46th Mean (BNK48 Trainee) 3319.30 [42/unranked]
47th Punch (CGM Trainee) 3205.98 [34/43]
48th Earth (BNK48 Trainee) 3108.14 [46/46]

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