BNK48 General Election news, Noey starts off in 1st place!

The preliminary results of the “BNK48 12th Single Senbatsu General Election”, the 3rd Election event for the 1st time in 2 years, were announced via the group’s official Facebook live stream on March 11, and Noey (24) of Team BⅢ stood in the 1st place. Third place went to Kaning (17) of CGM48 Trainee with 7,309.99 tokens, followed by Noey (24) of Team B III with 13,108.65 tokens and Namnueng (25) with 2,564.51 tokens. The top 48 were announced.

The general election, a big event eagerly awaited due to the Covid-19 disaster, got off to a tumultuous start. Noey, who had placed 7th to 6th in the past two elections, rocketed to the front of the pack.
Noey, who was relaxed and listening to the announcement with the other BNK48 members, put her hands together in front of her face and thanked them with a deep bow, though her hat and large mask made it almost impossible to see her expression.
Second place also went to Namnueng, who had been ranked 10th consecutively for the previous 2 Election, both Noey and Namnueng had been BNK48’s singles center and were BNK48’s signature members, but this was the first time they had made such a splash in a general election.

The biggest surprise was the third place of Kaning, a 17-year-old research student from CGM48 in Chiang Mai, who made her first BNK48 single debut with “Sayonara Crawl,” which was included in the voting ticket this time. As a member of CGM48 she made the center position for “Melon Juice” and the third song “มะลิ (Jasmine),” but in her first appearance, she was ranked 40th. Her sudden leap up the ladder was a surprise.

As her fellow CGM48 members cheered her on, Kanin, wearing glasses and a mask, modestly responded by waving to the camera. Pim (16) also did well for CGM48, placing 5th.

Music (21), who has placed 3rd 2 times in a row and is aiming for a long-cherished top spot, placed 7th, and Mobile (19), who has a good record of placing 4th to 5th, placed 6th. The first day of the event was a good start.

However, the month-long battle has just begun. The deadline for voting is April 7. The final result will be announced on April 9.

<BNK48 12th Single Senbatsu General Election 1st Preliminary Result>
※As of March 11th, 12:00pm

1st Noey (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 13,108.65
2nd Namnueng (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 10,544.14
3rd Kaning (CGM48 Trainee) 7,309.99
4th Pupe (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 5,878.21
5th Pim (CGM48 Trainee) 5,838.43
6th Mobile (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 5,703.36
7th Music (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 5,521.83
8th Tarwaan (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 5,285.32
9th Minmin (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 5,102.41
10th Marmink (CGM48 Trainee) 4,797.24
11h Aom (CGM48 Team C) 4,420.14
12th Sita (CGM48 Trainee) 4,398.97
13th Wee (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 3,723.95
14th Gygee (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 3,033.29
15th Fond (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 2,614.86
16th Hoop (BNK48Trainee) 2,295.36
17th Pampam (BNK48 Trainee) 2,166.94
18th Miori (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 1,970.34
19th New (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 1,912.03
20th Angel (CGM48 Trainee) 1,533.40
21st Champoo (CGM48 Trainee) 1,452.28
22nd Ratah (BNK48 Trainee) 1,446.07
23rd Stang (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 1,438.45
24th Kaiwan (CGM48 Trainee) 1,219.17
25th Fortune (CGM48 Trainee) 1,039.64
26th Paeyah (BNK48 Trainee) 1,001.39
27th Kaimook (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 976.66
28th Jib (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 974.88
29th Phukkhom (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 959.37
30th Earn (BNK48 Trainee) 920.65
31st Yoghurt (BNK48 Trainee) 891.34
32nd Myyu (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 884.73
33rd Pancake (CGM48 Trainee) 854.55
34th Punch (CGM48 Trainee) 819.80
35th Fame (BNK48 Trainee) 752.20
36th Panda (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 657.45
37th Popper (BNK48 Trainee) 642.37
38th Mind (BNK48 Trainee) 627.03
39th Grace (BNK48 Trainee) 564.63
40th Nenie (CGM48 Trainee) 529.99
41st Ping (CGM48 Trainee) 527.42
42nd Mean (BNK48 Trainee) 466.84
43rd Mei (CGM48 Trainee) 457.82
44th Jaa (BNK48 Team NⅤ) 454.95
45th Niky (BNK48 Team BⅢ) 414.46
46th Earth (BNK48 Trainee) 393.78
47th Izurina (CGM48 Team C) 383.38
48th Monet (BNK48 Trainee) 360.16

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