The outlook on BNK48 General Election

BNK48 12th Single Senbatsu Election Canditates

For the first time in 2 years, BNK 48 to hold the selection vote event for the coming 12th single. The willing participants are 42 members from BNK48 and, 20 members from CGM48. While both of the past voted queen Cherprang (25) from the 1st and Jane (21) from the 2nd is absent, we were inclined to hear the foresight from reporter TOSSY, who has been actively involved since BNK48 started for this coming major event.

“Since the defending champion is absent, it is sure to be an epic battle, however, the past two events which indicate the influence made by the fan club’s community of each member, can show us that Music (21) who ranked 3rd for all past election would be the most likely be the long-awaited successor, whilst Mobile (19) who has ranked 4th to 5th has the same power of will to fight for the seat.

Both members were so young compared to others back then, yet were always popular and active in the scene of entertainment, “both have a strong will to win, in regards to this coming event”.

“Let’s assume that fans for certain members have strong bonds to support, it would likely tip towards 1st gen member with a long career and add to that if there was a candidate for the KAMI 7 members would naturally be Noey (24), Nameung (25) as well as Wee (20) from the 2nd generation.

This means the original member is still highly supported by their fans. What about the newer young guns?

“Let’s say the new 3rd gen is in, Hoop (19) who was awarded most vote and, for CGM48, Kaning (17) who is achieving a lot lately is in interest too as to whether she will make the top 16, if she does this will be another achievement”.

However, the most influential factor for this general election is that it involves, first-ever Blockchain Voting.

“It is uncertain, there is a lot of unknown variables accounted for this. It could startle everyone in a matter of a minute and that is no surprise”.

The voting period starts from March 10 to April 7, 12th single which will be presented by the top 16 voted members. The lyric will be composed by Nana Okada (24) and choreographed by Yuiri Murayama (24), both AKB48 member that is popular in Thailand.
The most exciting month has just begun.

◆BNK48 TeamBⅢ (8 members) : Jib, Minmin, Miori, Myyu, Niky, Noey, Panda, Wee
◆BNK48 TeamNV (13 members): Tarwaan, Pupe, Fond, Gygee, Jaa, Kaimook, Mobile, Music, Namuneng, New, Nine, Phukkhom, Stang
◆BNK48 Trainee (21 members) : Mind, Pakwan, Ratha, Earn, Earth, Eve, Fame, Grace, Hoop, Jaokhem, Kaofrang, Mean, Monet, Paeyah, Pampam, Pamcake, Peak, Pim, Popper, Yayee, Yoghurt
◆CGM48 Team C (2 members): Orn, Izurina
◆CGM48 Trainee (18members): Angel, Champoo, Fahsai, Fortune, Jayda, Kaiwan, Kaning, Latin, Maemink, Meen, Mei, Nena, Nenie, Parima, Pim, Ping, Punch, Sita

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