BNK48’s 1st gen members group “Charaline” held their first fan meeting

Charaline, a group project of 5 1st Gen BNK48 members Kaew (27), Orn (25), Tarwaan (25), Namneung (25), and Noey (24), held their first fan meeting at Union Hall in Bangkok, Thailand on the 12th and 13th.

The 5 members started the “Charaline” project in December last year. The event was also scheduled to be held at Union Hall, but it was postponed due to the new coronavirus. For the long-awaited stage, the 5 members performed their songs from the “Charaline Project”.


Noey said, “The five of us had spent a long time coming up with various ideas for this day, and I think that’s why I felt even more attached to it.” Revealing the hard work that had gone into it. Tarwaan said, “Thanks to the support of the fans, I was moved and exhausted! It made me happy that everyone was so happy with our performance. I’ll never forget the memory of this fan meeting”.

BNK48 Noey ©︎iAM
BNK48 Tarwaan ©︎iAM

Orn said, “I’m so happy to have made such good memories with you and to have your love for us.” Namneung, who hadn’t been able to sleep recently due to nervousness, said, “I’m relieved that we were able to make the fan meeting a success and, I’d like to thank everyone involved for their months of preparation”. Kaew described the project as “journey”. “This journey took two years, but many people were waiting for us at the goal! Thank you to all four of you for being with us on this journey, it has been a very special and wonderful experience”, she said.

BNK48 Orn ©︎iAM
BNK48 Namneung ©︎iAM
BNK48 Kaew ©︎iAM
Sticky notes written the message by fans were decorated. ©︎iAM

You can watch the promotion videos of the songs performed by the five members on BNK48’s official YouTube page below.

1) Kaew “Anata to Christmas Eve – คำสัญญาแห่งคริสต์มาสอีฟ”

2) Tarwaan “Yokaze no Shiwaza – พระจันทร์เสี้ยว”

3) Namneung “High Tension”

4) Noey “Kimi wa Melody – เธอคือ…เมโลดี้”

5) Orn “RIVER”

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