BNK48 has released a documentary of their 1st Generations Unit “Charaline”


“Charaline”, BNK48’s 1st generations 5 member unit with Kaew (27), Orn (25), Tarwaan (25), Namneung (25), Noey’s (24) documentary footage has just been released on BNK48’s official YouTube channel.

The 5 members popular amongst fans had started a project called “Charaline” last December. Each member re-arranged the song that they felt inclined to from past releases, as a solo project producing recordings as well as PV(Promotion Video).

The documentary featured the story behind the scenes of the 5 members during the production.
The 40 min footage looked into the 5 members recording, working on the PV, and having an online meeting with staff whilst wearing masks under the pandemic situation.

1) Kaew “Anata to Christmas Eve – คำสัญญญาแห่งคริสต์ยิง มาสอีฟ”
Kaew was an original member of BNK48 when this song was released. The PV shows Christmas in Thailand, a scene probably unique to us. Where Kaew, dressed in an innocent light blue see-through dress in a deep green forest, sings gently to a piano version of the song.

2) Tarwaan “Yokaze no Shiwaza – พระจันทร์เสี้ยว”
Tarwaan was an original member of BNK48 when this song was released. The PV shows Tarwaan in a tent whilst camping alone at night, singing a mellow tune to an Acoustic guitar, impressive high notes that stretch clean is a must-see.

3) Namneung “High Tension”
This 8th BNK48 single is a memorable song for Namneung, she was the center for the first time when this song was released. Her version is a very different take from the original. Reggae jam style with a rap by Namneung, a challenging arrangement is a must-see. PV shows the scenery in beautiful countryside, dancing and taking a rhythm to the tambourine, looks so fun. Shows her exquisiteness.

4) Noey “Kimi wa Melody – เธอคือ…เมโลดี้”
This 4th single was released back in September 2018 where Noey was appointed as the center consecutively. Just like other versions in this “Charaline” project, the arrangement is a ballad with a beautiful background scenery surrounded by soap plants, singing in a girly white dress, sketching an art full of happiness. The instrument she challenged for this arrangement was a ukulele.

5) Orn “RIVER”
This is the title song of BNK48’s first original album “RIVER” released back on August 4th, 2018, and Orn’s first center song. This is another bold arrangement of the song, completely different from the uptempo original sound, a ballad with a fresh acoustic guitar solo from the intro. She was dressed in a long white dress with a garland of flowers and a single red rose, nearby a pond. She also sang in a white shirt, gray vest, and long pants, capturing both beauty and sass.

The common symbolism among the 5 arrangements is that in all of their promotion videos, they are adorned with “dream catchers”, an American Indian ornament. The message of the music video is to “catch your dreams”.

On the 12th and 13th following the release of the documentary, the first fan-meeting event at Union Hall in Bangkok was held. We look forward to seeing more of the 5 members in the future.