BNK48 3rd generations debut songs MV “First Rabbit” released!

The MV for “First Rabbit,”, a debut song of BNK48 3rd generation was unveiled at their first showcase event at Central World Square in Bangkok on 7th February.

The costume was a long skirt dress with a pure white base. Neat and clean outfit with red contrast design to the belt, sleeves and hem.
On the grassy field that looked like the ruins of an outdoor swimming pool, 16 Senbatsu members from 3rd generation appeared for the opening wearing helmets, holding up wooden sticks and axes. Soon swapped into performance costumes and started dancing with full of energy.


The storytelling section of the theatrical performance tells the struggles of resistance against the unknown force, we’re young school girls fights for their life in a demolished school.
Song that is original whilst adding their own flavor to the MV is a major goal for the idols. However, it has been a long road for the 3rd generation members to get to this point.

Two years ago, in January 2020, they started applying for auditions, and out of more than 8,000 applicants, only 19 passed the final screening on 7th March of the same year. (One person later withdrew.)
However, soon after, due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the group refrained from performing. For a long time, they couldn’t even get together for lessons.

It was only a year later, in March last year, that they were finally able to start their activities, when they performed at the BNK48 Theater in a performance “Ganbare! Kenkyuusei” produced by Cherprang who is a 1st gen member and the captain of the group.

Since then, with each wave of corona, they have had to repeatedly refrained from performing, yet really continued to move forward one step at a time, finally arriving to this debut song.


Already, 6 members of the 3rd gen have been selected for Senbatsu member of BNK48’s 11th single “Sayonara Crawl” to be released on the 26th of this month. Among the four center singers, 16-year-old Paeya, who is also the double center of “First Rabbit,” was selected.

First Rabbit” is the coupling song of this 11th single. Moreover, it comes with the right to vote in the “BNK48 12th Single General Election” to be held on 9th April. It is expected to bring a storm since the 3rd gen members are suddenly ranked in the 3rd BNK48 general election.
Will it be all eyes on the young guns for the first half of 2022. We’ll have to keep our eyes on them.

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