BNK48 held a mini handshake event as a daily event.

BNK48 held a mini handshake event for its 10th single “ดีอะ” (D. AAA) at MBK Center in Bangkok from December 2 to mid-December.

The event had been postponed for a prolonged period due to the spread of the new coronavirus, since then restrictions were eased and the event finally came to fruition. The event was held in the form of frequent small-scale events to avoid the need to gather a large number of fans together, and the members appeared daily.

Acrylic boards were set up, the members wore gloves and masks, and visitors also wore masks, measure their body temperature, and maintain disinfection and social distance, a thorough measure against coronavirus.

The venue was also decorated with BNK48’s past costumes and other gorgeous layouts to entertain the fans who hadn’t been there for a long time.

On the first two days, Bamboo (19), Namneung (25), and Pupe (23) appeared on stage and answered for the fans’ excitement.

Pupe © iAM
Exhibition of BNK48’s past costumes © iAM