AKB48 Team TP releases 6th single’s MV “無根無據RUMOR”

AKB48 Team TP

On September 13, AKB48 Team TP released an MV for their 6th single, “無根無據RUMOR (Nemo hamo RUMOR)” to be released on October 14. The original song is AKB48’s 58th single, released in September 2021. Nana Okada stars as the centre for the song, and her “Doerai (awesome )” dance, which is said to be the most difficult dance performance by the 48 groups, was a topic of great interest in Japan. Thus, Team TP fans had high expectations for this song since it was announced in May of this year that their 6th single would be the same song.

The long-awaited music video was created after months of lessons and 25 hours of real-time filming. A song that gives away from the cuteness of Team TP, and can be considered a new frontier. In the jacket photo, each member is wearing a colourful outfit. However, during their dance performance, they dress in grey and black which showed coolness.

Japanese member Mayu Fujii (23) stood in the centre role for the first time, and another Japanese research student, Mirei Oyama (20), was selected for the first time.

Fujii, who is good at dancing, had secretly wanted to be the centre. “When it was decided that the 6th single would be the same song. I told myself I had to practice hard, and finally, I got the opportunity,” she said. I hope not to disappoint with my performance. When she was chosen as the centre, she cried and vowed to do so.

Oyama was also thrilled: “I feel like I can finally repay my family and fans in Japan! She was thrilled.

New captain LIU, YU-CHING (26) said, “In addition to having to adjust my physical strength, this dance is really difficult. When I look in the mirror during practice, I often notice that I am different from others. I can see that I am lacking in many areas, so I try my best not to pull everyone else down.”

First-term member and career veteran SIN, TIK-KEI (23) added, “The most difficult part of this song is the interlude. The speed is faster, and it is really difficult to move beautifully and precisely. There is no time to exhale, so I have to memorize the dance steps with my body and rely on those movements rather than thinking with my head,” revealing the heart of her struggle.

The petite and slender CHIU, PIN-HAN also commented, “Muscles have been building up in the lessons. and they are getting more and more powerful,” she laughed.

Then , there are hidden 2 of surprises. Miyabi (27), who graduated in August, made a cameo appearance, where she walk past the members, and then into a black space, face to face with Fujii, who is now the centre of the song.

The second was a collaboration with IP LOCKERS, a world-renowned rock dance group from Taiwan, in which 18 members of Team TP and 16 dancers from IP LOCKERS, a total of 34 members, danced together.

The coupling song will include Miyabis’s graduation song “夢之河 (Yume no Kawa)” and Unit Daisy’s song “因為喜歡你 (Kimino kotoga sukidakara)”.

AKB48 Team TP「無根無據RUMOR」MV

<「無根無據RUMOR」Senbatsu member> (★Center)
劉語晴(LIU, YU-CHING), 周佳郁(ZHOU, JIA-YU), 藤井麻由(FUJII MAYU★), 冼迪琦(SIN, TIK-KEI), 邱品涵(CHIU, PIN-HAN), 劉曉晴(LAU, HIU-CHING), 蔡亞恩(TSAI, YA-EN), 林易沄(LIN, YI-YUN), 林倢(LIN, CHIEH), 李佳俐(LI, JIA-LI), 林于馨(LIN, YU-HSIN), 蔡伊柔(TSAI, YI-JOU), 鄭佳郁(CHENG, CHIA-YU), 羅瑞婷(LO, JUI-TING), 小山美玲(OYAMA MIREI), 董子瑄(TUNG, ZIH-SYUAN), 李采潔(LI, CAI-JIE), 周家安(CHOU, CHIA-AN)

AKB48 Team TP「夢之河」MV

AKB48 Team TP「因為喜歡你」MV