AKB48 Team TP Chen Shi-ya Graduates

AKB48 Team TP’s captain Chen Shi-ya (27) held a graduation performance “AKB48 TeamTP SPECIAL PERFORMANCE – produced by Chen Shi-ya” at the Huashan Umay Theater in Taipei City on August 28.

On the previous day, said in the pre-show through the official Instagram, “I am nervous to the point of throwing up, but I am still looking forward to seeing everyone,” Miyabi and her friends joined forces to start the performance with “Kimi no koto ga suki dakara,” followed by a unit corner.The climax was an unplugged guitar performance of “Go Now,” composed by junior Lin, Chie-hsin (19) and first-term student Wang Yi-chia (20), with their feelings for Miyabi in mind. The main program closed with “365 no kamihikouki”.

The first encore song was Miyabi’s graduation solo “Yume no Kawa. As expected, Miyabi couldn’t hold back her tears as she sang. Then concluded with “Sogen no kiseki,” which was also the last song of the graduation concert, and “Go Now” again, with the hope that the members will continue to boldly move forward with love for each other.

After the concert, the members performed a “graduation ceremony,” following the tradition of AKB48 in Japan, by removing their portrait frames from the hallway during a live broadcast on Facebook. After leaving the venue, she stood in front of her fans and said, “Thank you for supporting me until the end and for always being by my side. I wish all my fans happiness. Please continue to support AKB48 Team TP and me. She put an end to her idol’s career.

<Set list>

  1. 因為喜歡你 (Kimi no koto ga suki dakara / 君のことが好きだから)
  2. 大聲鑽石 (Ogoe Diamond / 大声ダイヤモンド)
  3. 閃亮的幸運 (Heavy Rotation / ヘビーローテーション)
  4. Only Today
  5. 無望之淚 (Temo demo no namida / てもでもの涙)
  6. Confession
  7. 心型病毒 (Heart gata Virus / ハート型ウイルス)
  8. 傲嬌 (Tsundere / ツンデレ)
  9. 關於你 (Kimini tsuite / 君について)
  10. 夜碟 (Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chocho / おしべとめしべと夜の蝶々)
  11. Go now 抒情版
  12. 為何銀河如此明亮 (Nante gingawa akarui nodarou / なんて銀河は明るいのだろう)
  13. 365天的紙飛機 (365nichi no kamihikouki / 365日の紙飛行機)
  14. 夢之河 (Yume no kawa / 夢の河)
  15. 綠草地上的奇蹟 (Sougen no kiseki / 草原の奇跡)
  16. Go now 正常版

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