AKB48 Team TP Miyabi’s Graduation Concert

AKB48 Team TP captain Chen Shi-ya (27) held the “CHEN SHIH-YA  Graduation Concert” at Zepp New Taipei, on July 24.

Miyabi, who had announced her graduation at the team’s 3rd-anniversary concert last January, finally lay down the idol mic. She has already stepped down as captain of the team “Unit Daisy” on June 30. And her last solo center song, ” The music video for “因為喜歡你 (Kimino kotoga sukidakara)” has also been completed. The only thing left to do is perform on this stage. The concert was originally scheduled to be held in May but was postponed due to the Corona disaster.

When the show started, he jumped high in the centre of the stage by herself. The show started with “好想見到你(Aitakatta)”, a song they sang and danced to on their debut. From there, they went on to perform their past singles and favourites.

As the oldest “AKB48 idol,” Miyabi has been the leader of Team TP since its initial formation and has never been the centre for a single song.

However, on this night, Miyabi was the star of the show. She sang at the center the entire time. As a unit, they sang a variety of songs: “心型病毒 (Heart-gata Virus)”, a royal idol song; “Blue Rose,” a rock song; “So long,” a ballad by the four first-term students; and “沿途風景皆為經過(Subetewa tochu keika)”, by the girls in their red-check mini-skirt uniforms.

One guest surprised the audience. As Miyabi shouted the intro to “Heavy Rotation,” a woman in a uniform of a different colour dashed out from the side of the stage. It was her twin sister, CHEN SHIH-YUAN.

The two were the first twins in AKB48, which was widely reported in Japan as “AKB48 has its first twin member! (The successful candidate was MA CHIA-LING), an AKB48 Taiwanese academic student, and then a first-term student of TPE48, the predecessor of TeamTP. The two sisters even sang together with a stand microphone in between them. The audience was warmed by the nostalgic scene, including the sisters’ frank MC.

Afterwards, the sisters and their juniors performed “檸檬的年紀(Lemon no toshigoro)” and “Love 修行 (Love Shugyo)”, songs by research students, and “唇上Be My Baby (Kuchibiru ni be my baby)”, which was a graduation song for Minami Takahashi, who had taught them as captain of the group. Video messages were also delivered by members of sister groups overseas, including BNK48, MNL48, AKB48 TeamSH, and CGM48 Rina Izuda, as well as by graduate Maria Abe.

The graduation solo was “夢之河(Yume no Kawa)”, which will be included as the second coupling song for their 6th single. It is a TP version of AKB48 Atsuko Maeda’s graduation song. It was truly an emotional moment.
Dressed in long light green and white lace graduation dress with a tiara, she sang the song as she spoke of her feelings.

“As I practised each song for the graduation concert, I became more and more aware that I was graduating, and at the same time, I became more and more fond of all the members, each of whom is unique and wonderful.”

The 48 group’s graduation song, “Sakura no Hanabiratachi” and the final encore song was the favourite, “綠草地上的奇蹟(Sougen no kiseki)” which I had sung when I announced my graduation in January. Only when she left the stage, she sang to “夢之河(Yume no Kawa)” ‘s instrumental and, graduated from the idol group with no regrets, having completely burned out her career. In the future, she will try her hand at hosting and acting in Taipei.

<Set list>
M1. 好想見到你 (会いたかった / Aitakatta)
M2. 黑暗 (暗闇 / Kurayami)
M3. 沖吧 少女們 (少女たちよ / Shojo tachiyo)
M4. 勇往直前 (前しか向かねえ / Maeshika mukanee)
M5. 因為喜歡你(君のことが好きだから / Kimino kotoga sukidakara)
M6. 初日
M7. 心型病毒(ハート型ウイルス / Heart-gata Virus)
M8. 未來的果實(未来の果実 / Mirai no Kajitsu)
M9. 奔跑吧 企鵝 (走れ!ペンギン / Hahire! Penguin)
M10. Blue Rose
M11. So long
M12. 沿途風景皆為經過 (すべては途中経過 / Subetewa tochu keika)
M13. 閃亮的幸運 (Heavy Rotation)
M14. 檸檬的年紀 (檸檬の年頃 / Lemon no toshigoro)
M15. Love 修行(Love shugyo)
M16. 一秒一秒約好 (一秒一秒約束してね / Tiktok Promise)
M17. 你是旋律 (君はメロディー / Kimi wa Melody)
M18. Only today
M19. 唇上Be My Baby (唇にBe My Baby / Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby )
M20. 藉口而已Maybe (言い訳Maybe / Iiwake Maybe)
M21. TTP Festival
M22. 夢之路 (夢へのルート/ Yume eno Route)
M23. 看見夕陽了嗎 (夕陽を見ているか?/ Yuhi o Miteiruka?)
M24. 夢之河(夢の河 / Yume no kawa)
M25. 櫻花瓣(桜の花びらたち/ Sakura No Hanabiratachi )
M26. 11月的腳鏈 (11月のアンクレット/ 11gatsu no anklet)
M27. 綠草地上的奇蹟 (草原の奇跡 / Sougen no Kiseki)