AKB48 Team TP performing at “TIF ASIA TOUR in Taipei”

AKB48 Team TP performed at the “TIF ASIA TOUR in Taipei” held at Cohesion Space in Taipei on May 15.

This was a spin-off event before the “TIF ASIA TOUR” Tokyo in June, featuring 6 idol groups from Taiwan. Tickets were sold out immediately, AKB48 Team TP’s members were SIN TIK-KEI (23), LIU YU-CHING (25), FUJII MAYU (23), CHIU PIN- HAN (22), and LI JIA-LI (20), and LIN YU-HSIN (20).

They started with “RESET,” followed by “UHHO UHHOHO”, “TTP Festival” and “Yuuhi wo Miteiruka?”, “Tick Tock Promise (一秒一秒一秒約好)”. They performed all four single tracks as well as “Heavy Rotation (閃亮的幸運)”, which is famous both in Japan and Taipei.

Fujii, a Japanese member commented on how she was inspired by the other groups performance, “I was so surprised when I listened to the other groups song their Japanese pronoce was so good. It gave me a feeling that I was back home in japan”. CHIU PIN-HAN agreed, saying, “All the other idol groups are cute, too. LI JIA LI revealed, “When we rehearsed for ‘Heavy Rotation,’ everyone from the other groups danced with us”.

SIN TIK-KEI was thrilled, “The cheers (from the audience) were amazing, thank you for supporting us”, while LIN YU-HSIN called out to the audience, “Let’s get excited until the end!”.

The stage performance of this event will be shown at the TIF ASIA TOUR Tokyo performance, at the live house harevutai in Ikebukuro on June 12, and at Spotify O-EAST in Shibuya on June 13.

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2. 嗚吼嗚吼吼 (UHHO UHHOHO / ウッホウッホホ)
3. 閃亮的幸運 (Heavy Rotation / ヘビーローテーション)
4. TTP Festival
5. 看見夕陽了嗎?(Yuuhi wo Miteiruka? / 夕陽を見ているか?)
6.一秒一秒約好 (Tick Tock Promise / 一秒一秒約束してね)

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【Guest】AKB48 Team TP
Primulav, 月宵◇クレシェンテ(Luna Crescente), 昼食彼女 Lunch Girls (Lunch Girls),Moe-area(絕對萌域), 陽光◆スペクトラ (Sol Spectra)

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