3rd generation audition by AKB48 Team TP

AKB48 Team TP has started the auditioning for the 3rd generation members, starting from 16th of February.
The details are available on Team TP’s official audition site

AKB48 Team TP 三期生成員 招募計畫

Entry is open until March 31st at 11:59 pm, audition applicants must be female between12 and under 20. Foreign entry is also available if communication in Chinese is sufficient, also the applicant should not have any contract with record labels, music publishing companies and, must be available for an exclusive contract with AKB48 Team TP.

To enter the audition, the applicant must fill in the details downloaded from the official site, also 2 facial photos, a full-body shot must be attached and sent to audition2022@akb48-tp.com

2nd interview will be announced for those who pass the CV examination around April, followed by a 3rd examination, and, a final examination will be held in May for those who pass all the interview processes.

The audition which was announced at the “AKB48 Team TP 3rd anniversary concert” has finally started, this audition will be the long-awaited event since the 2nd generation audition back in August 2019. Team TP is aiming to strengthen the team.

Chen Shih-Ya (26) aka Miyabi, who has been the captain since the beginning of Team TP will be graduating to pursue her dream. Since generational change has begun, it is expected that the audition for the 3rd generation will attract many exceptional talents.