【AKB48 Team TP 3rd-anniversary concert】 Announcement for the graduation of captain Miyabi and recruitment of 3rd generation members

AKB48 TeamTP's 3rd-anniversary concert

AKB48 TeamTP held their 3rd-anniversary concert at Syntrend Park CLAPPER STUDIO in Taipei on January 22 and 23. At the concert, they also announced the audition for the 3rd generation students and the graduation of their captain, Chen Shih-ya (26), also known as Miyabi.

The 3rd-anniversary concert, which kicked off with “RESET”, was a mixture of Team TP’s past and future. VTR tracing the history of the group from their first audition was shown, looking back on 3 years of both ups and downs they went through.

A total of 24 songs including their debut single “勇住直前 (Maeshika mukanee”, five previous singles, and unit songs such as ” 制服的抵抗 (Seifuku Resistance)” and “心型病毒 (Heart-gata Virus)” was performed. The concert was a great success, rolling down the curtain with “看見夕陽了嗎?(Yuhi wo miteruka?)”. The event was accoladed, with maximum attendance on both 22nd and 23rd.

On the 22nd, it was announced that the audition for the 3rd generation members would start in February, and on the 23rd, Miyabi’s graduation was announced.

Miyabi said, “I joined when I was 20, and I’m almost 27. I’ve learned so much in the past 6 years. I hosted a show and did acting, and I wanted to try my hand at something other than being an idol. We all dreamed together and made a lot of memories together. I hope that my graduation will give more opportunities to the other members.” Immediately after the announcement, they sang “綠草地上的奇蹟 (Sougen no Kiseki)” with tearful emotions.

Chen Shih-ya annouced her graduation.

The venue was a memorable place where the group held the press conference for the group’s debut single three years ago. LIU, Yu-ching (25), the captain of Team Bellflower, commented with a deep sense of emotion, “I still cannot believe how much they rely on me now when I had no confidence back then.”

It was a two-day event where the members and fans strongly felt the potential of TeamTP to grow even more in the future while remembering the original intention when it first began.

<Set list>
Opening act:白色情人節 (White Day niwa…)
M2: AKB参上 (AKB Sanjou)
M3: TTP Festival
M4: 嗚吼嗚吼吼 (Uhho Uhhoho)
M5: 勇住直前 (Maeshika mukanee)
M6: Only today
M7: 好想見到你 (Aitakatta)
M8: 遠距離海報 (Enkyori Poster)
M9: 哈囉CENTER (Haste to Waste)
M10: 沿途風景皆為經過 (Subete wa Tocyukeika)
M11: 制服的抵抗 (Seifuku Resistance)
M12: 心型病毒 (Heart-gata Virus)
M13: 閃亮的幸運 (Heavy Rotation)
M14: 奔跑吧!企鵝 (Hashire! Penguin)
M15: 未來的果實 (Mirai no Kajitsu)
M16: 機會的順序 (Chance no Jyunban)
M17: 一秒一秒約好 (Tiktok Promise)
M18: 初日 (Shonichi)
M19: Baby! Baby! Baby!
M20: 夢之路 (Yume eno Route)
M21: 365天的紙飛機 (365nichi no Kamihikouki)
M22: 機尾雲 (Hikoukigumo)
M23: 22nd 櫻花瓣 (Sakura no Hanabiratachi) / 23rd 綠草地上的奇蹟 (Sougen no Kiseki)
M24: 看見夕陽了嗎? (Yuhi wo miteruka?)

機尾雲 (Hikoukigumo)
Chen Shih-ya