AKB48 Team TP resumes theater performance with real audience, JKT48 also resumes at 40 audience capacity

AKB48 Team TP resumed their “RESET” performance at their theater with real audiences starting from 23rd. This year, due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the show was canceled for June, July, followed by a mini-concert broadcasted online in August. Since October, the corona outbreak in Taipei has eased and, is in control allowing government restrictions to be downgraded allowing the go-ahead for the long-awaited performances by the three teams on the 24th and two consecutive days. 150 tickets for each performance were sold out immediately.

Before the encore, fans all said out loud, “Thank you all so much for your hard work. We’ll always support you!” CHEN, SHIH-YA (26), captain of AKB48 Team TP and a member of the unit Daisy who performed on the 23rd, said, “I’m glad to finally meet you in person. The lyrics of our new single, “Tick tock promise” convey our feelings of sadness at wanting to see each other but not being able to, we want to cherish the time we have to see each other, she explained how the lyrics overlapped with their situation.

Meanwhile, in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, which had been in lockdown for months, new cases of corona have finally decreased for October enabling economic activities to start recovery. With ordinance JKT48 theaters have been able to admit a maximum of 40 audiences starting from their performance on October 22. The number of spectators will be increased step by step as regulations are eased in the future and, online streaming will continue in the meantime.

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