The 2nd AKB48 Team SH Senbatsu General Election: Liu Nian crowned by the new “Oshikyoku song” voting system

On December 10, AKB48 Team SH held its 4th anniversary concert “Songs in Your Heart” via live streaming, and immediately after the concert, the team held the “Team SH Senbatsu General Election” for the second time in 2 years since November 2020 under a new format with the official name “Four 你心中的歌”.

In the new format, instead of the usual voting for member names, all 48 members running for Team SH will each first choose one “favourite” song from the 48 songs to perform. Fans were to vote for the name of that song during the voting period from October 1 to December 10.

This was a format unfamiliar to the other 48 groups, but the enthusiasm of the fans and the members for the event was no different.

At the vote-opening event, the first name to be called was 16th-ranked Shi KeYan, who was so moved that she began to cry during her on-stage speech. The members of the team were all feeling various emotions: happiness, frustration, relief, joy, and so on. The members all had different feelings, but many of the ranked members, including Team SH captain Mao Weijia, who expressed her gratitude to her fans for coming in 10th place, the pressure of the general election, and her gratitude to her mother, gave passionate speeches, sometimes choking on their words and sometimes bursting into tears. It was a heart-wrenching moment that has been seen in every 48 groups.

The winner was Liu Nian, who chose “Flying Get” as her song of choice with 1,402,424.84 points.

she came in first in the midterms, only to be beaten by 2nd-gen member Zeng SiChun in the final results, finishing in second place. That is why Liu Nian was so eager to win the Senbatsu election this time around. Perhaps because her fans were well aware of her desire, she came in first in both the preliminary announcement on October 11 and the interim announcement on November 6 and crossed the finish tape without giving up the lead once.

When she was called to the stage, she gave a small smile, bowed deeply to the people around, and took the stage. After receiving a special shield with a star badge and wearing the crimson cloak she had longed for, she grabbed the microphone and began to speak.

“I am filled with a special and deep feeling that I am standing here tonight.”

She then thanked the fans for their support, the Team SH management for allowing her to debut, fellow members, and her family.。

She continued, “‘Flying Get’ is a straight and passionate song. Please watch the music video. It tells us that everyone’s future and life from now on will be sparkling and shining,”.

Sitting on a white chair in the middle of the stage, she smiled and waved her hands. She has been the team’s signature girl who has played the centre role a total of four times since her debut EP “Shonichi,” but this year she was demoted to trainee status before the release of her 7th EP “Ogoe Diamond” in April, which was a difficult year for her, so she was more than happy.

In second place was Zhu Ling, who chose “Labrador Retriever,” a song that had been in second place since the preliminary and mid-term announcements, and in third place was 3rd-gen trainee Li JiaHui, who surprised everyone by coming in from a hopeless position of 40th place in the preliminary announcement and out of the mid-term rankings. Her song of choice was “Seifuku ga jama wo suru”.

The 16 selected members consisted of 13 regular members and 3 trainees: 7 first-gen members, 6 2nd-gen members, 2 3rd-gen members, and 1 4th-gen member. 4th-gen member ZZhu JingChen, who chose “Make noise” and ranked 12th, was a happy first selection.

These 16 members are the selected members for the 9th EP “Sentimental Train” (release date undecided).

<The result of AKB48 Team SH 48 groups popler song & general election>
1st. Flying Get:刘念 (Liu Nian)
2nd. 拉布拉多寻回犬 (Labrador Retriever): 朱苓(Zhu Ling)
3rd. 制服真碍事 (Seifuku ga jama wo suru) : 李佳慧(Li JiaHui)
4th. 大人列车(Otona ressha): 桂楚楚(Gui ChuChu)
5th. 蜜瓜汁 (Melon juice) : 邱笛尔(Qiu DiEr)
6th 格子花纹 (Gingham check): 叶知恩(Ye ZhiEn)
7th. Ja-Ba-Ja:吴安琪(Wu AnQi)
8th Green Flash: 张倩霏(Zhang QianFei)
9th. 第一只兔子 (First Rabbit): 沈莹(Shen Ying)
10th. 心意告示牌 (Kokoro no placard): 毛唯嘉(Mao WeiJia)
11th. 赛高加油 (Saiko kayo): 邹若男(Zou RuoNan)
12th. Make noise: 朱景晨(Zhu JingChen)
13th 重力共鸣」(Jyuryoku sympathy): 曾鸶淳(Zeng SiChun)
14位「悬铃木」(Suzukake): 孔珂昕(Kong KeXin)
15th. GIVE ME FIVE! : 渐蔷薇(Jian QiangWei)
16thg. 仲夏的Sounds good (Manatsu no Sounds good!): 施可妍(Shi KeYan)

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