AKB48 Team SH held its 4th anniversary concert

AKB48 Team SH held the “AKB48 Team SH 4th Anniversary Concert” on December 10 via online streaming. Starting with “Ogoe Diamond,” the concert featured a total of 24 songs. All 35 performing members gave spectacular performances, and more than 1.5 million viewers around the world enjoyed the live streaming of the event.

Among them, the last song of the main program, “Sougen no kiseki” the encore songs “High Tension” and “11gatsu no Anklet,” as well as Team SH’s original unit song “Holidays Girls” flooded the streaming video with many comments from the viewers.

In addition, the performance of the team’s new song “Ponytail to Chouchou”, with Gui ChuChu and Qiu DiEr at the centre, brought back hot summer memories for the viewers.

The best part of the show was the first encore song. It was an acapella version of “Ogoe Diamond” performed by 11 members. Dressed in a long, pure white lace dress reminiscent of Christmas, the lead vocal was sung by Mao WeiJia, the team captain, who sang the song in beautiful harmony.

VTR messages of congratulations were also delivered from overseas sister groups.

Mion Mukaichi – “Happy 4th anniversary to everyone at Team SH!”
Hitomi Honda – “Please continue to give fans a lot of excitement.”
Erii Chiba – “We are looking forward to seeing the SH members again.”
Mukaichi – “Please continue to support the AKB48 group.”
They celebrate the anniversary.

The concert was a fitting conclusion to the year 2022 of AKB48 Group’s history, and a perfect showcase of Team SH, which has grown to include 5th gen members over the past 4 years, and whose ability and aura have grown considerably.

<AKB48 Team SH 4th anniversary concert setlist>
M1. Oogoe Diamond
M2. Aitakatta
M2. TSH Festival
M4. Holidays Girls (*original song)
M5. Kuroi Tenshi
M6. Tenshi no shippo
M8. Kurayami
M9. Nante ginga wa akarui nodarou
M10. Temodemo no namida
M11. Manatsu no Christmas rose
M12. Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no chocho
M13. 花语者 (*Liu Nian original solo single)
M15. 365 nichi no kamihikouki
M16. Heavy Rotation
M17. Baby Baby Baby
M18. Ponytail to Chouchou
M19. Sougen no kiseki
EN1. Ogoe Diamond acapella version
EN2. Chance no jyunban
EN3. High Tension
EN4. 11gatsu no Anklet
EN5. Hikouki gumo

<AKB48 Team SH official YouTube channel>
AKB48 Team SH四周年演唱会 Ogoe Diamond acapella version