AKB48 Team SH debuts 1st group unit “HOLIDAY GIRLS”

AKB48 Team SH’s first 1st group unit “Holiday Girls” debuted on September 14. The group consists of Mao Wijia (毛唯嘉), Ye ZhiEn (叶知恩), and Shi KeYan(施可妍). The first single released on this day was “Holiday Girls,” the same song as its unit name.

The group is creating a dance & song that would be supported by traditional Team SH fans as well as young female targets, and this 1st single is also a pop dance number with elements of house music and traditional Chinese sounds. In addition, the lyrics straightforwardly express a girl’s struggle with love, with lyrics such as, “Let’s enjoy our holidays, instead of worrying about love”.

What kind of activities will they be developing in the future? The first-term trio has a long career ahead of them, so there are high expectations for them.

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