AKB48 Team SH 5th gen members unveiled

AKB48 Team SH’s 5th gen members were unveiled on September 3, with the audition subtitled “Kira Kira Lucky Project 2.0” with the hope that “energetic girls with dreams will join us”. Applications began in June, and after an initial screening of documents, the second screening of interviews, and the final screening, five girls were accepted.

The members are 杜昕懿(Du Xinyi),王予婷(Wang Yuting), 张诗瑜(Zhang Shiyu), 张雅茜(Zhang Yaqian)., and 郑雨姗 (Zheng Yushan). Each made their first public appearance.

At the “Thumbnail” performance of the research students on that day, they performed “I Missed You” and were introduced to each member by Team SH captain Mao Weijia (毛唯嘉). They have already opened a personal account on the social networking application “Weibo (Weibo)” and have been posting information about their daily activities.

The first step is to study together with the 12 trainee from the 3rd and 4th terms.

●(杜昕懿)Du Xingyi: Born on September 13th in Shanghai. My hobbies are singing, dancing, and drawing. She is also good at drawing.

●(王予婷)Wang Youying: Born on December 19 in Anhui Province, China. Her hobbies are singing, dancing, and animation. She also specializes in Chinese dance.

●(张诗瑜) Zhan Shiyu: Born on August 29th in Shanghai. She is 163cm tall and her hobbies are dancing and photography. Her special ability is photography.

●(张雅茜) Zhang Yaqian: Born on March 3 in Yunnan Province. She is 163 cm tall and enjoys playing games, dubbing, painting, and cooking. Her special ability is dancing.

●(郑雨姗)Zheng Yushan: Born on June 20 in Liaoning Province, height 165cm. My hobbies are singing and dancing. My special ability is piano.

For more information; AKB48 Team SH official Weibo