AKB48 Team SH held the online event “TSH Chatroom”

AKB48 Team SH is received positive reviews for their new “TSH chatroom” event which allows the fans to chat with TSH members. Fans can receive the event ticket in various ways, with 1 ticket allowing a call for 30 sec. with 1 member of your choice.

Shanghai has been undergoing a hard lockdown since March due to the spread of a new covid strain. Team SH had to stop any activity for a month and, given this condition they developed a new interactive platform for the fans.

Gui ChuChu mentioned that “I was very nervous to meet fans via video chat since I am not used to it”. “I was in tears to meet fans I already know, who I have not seen for so long,” said Liu Nian, expressing her feeling of enjoyment.

Zeng SiChun commented on the merit of the platform saying “It felt like I was able to get to know my fans even more because the mask we have to put on had covered our facial expression, the platform allowed us to communicate with the fans without the mask”.

Coincidently the first day of the event 23rd of April was Zou RuoNan’s birthday, she expressed saying “So happy to have received all the blessing from the fans, to be able to celebrate my birthday together”.

Event members included 37 members from 1st gen – 4th gen. The event started on the 23rd of April-29th and again on the 2nd of May to the 4th of May. For the first half of the event, a total of 1200 guests joined from China, Japan, Malaysia, and US.

Uncertainty continues over as to when the covid situation will come to an end, however the concept “Idols you can meet” is continued in a new way.

桂楚楚 (Gui ChuChu)
劉念(Liu Nian)
曽鸶淳(Zeng SiChun)
鄒若男(Zou RuoNan)

●More information : AKB48 Team SH official Weibo page