AKB48 Team SH Mao WeiJia & Zhu Ling made a guest appearance for NHK radio program

Zhu Ling(left)& Mao WeiJia (right)
Zhu Ling(left)& Mao WeiJia (right)

On the 7th at 8:00 am, AKB48 Team SH’s captain Mao WeiJia and Zhu Ling made a guest appearance for NHK radio program “My Asa” corner “World eye” under the theme “Let’s ask the Overseas Idol”.

Following the introduction by Okubo Akie announcer, both gave a greeting in Japanese, “Yoroshiku onegai shimasu (=Nice to meet you) “.

Through an interpreter, Mao said, “We are the official sister group of AKB48 in Japan. As an idol group that you actually meet, we perform every week and have events such as handshake events. On April 1, we released our seventh EP ‘Ogoe Diamond” (大声钻石/大声ダイヤモンド)’ “.
“We hope that more people will see our video on all internet platforms and get to know us”, Mao promoted.

AKB48 TeamSH

— The effect of covid is worrying, how is it over there?

Mao: Lately the effect of covid is big. Most of our activities have stopped. I hope that it will recover soon. I want to meet everyone soon.

— What’s in trend with the young Chinese people at the moment?

Mao: Retro fashion is popular. For example, makeup and hairstyle can give that retro feel. Especially Hong Kong’s 90’s or Japanese Showa style is popular. Everyone is recreating that style based on old photos and taking a shoot themselves.

— What’s some popular food?

Zhu: Snail Pho noodles boiled with vegetables and bamboo shoots. It smells unpleasant at first but once you try it it’s really nice.

–Actually, I agree there’s food that smells but tastes good (Lol). So what’s trending in terms of entertainment?

Mao: I watch a lot of live shows and online streams on my mobile phone. TikTok is also popular, and K-pop artists are loved as well.

-What about your parents’ generation, how do they react to all this?

Mao: Nowadays, I believe that the ideas and values of the parents’ generation are nearly as same as those of the youth. I think they are influenced by the new age of online shopping, mobile games, and live broadcasts.

–If so where is the fundamental difference between the parent’s gen and the youth’s gen?

Mao: Our generation is more in pursuit of our own happiness, do what we want, and play as much as we want. We want to pursue our dreams. My parents’ generation believes that we should work a lot, trying to get rich while they are still young.

–What is Japan like?

Mao: Japanese people are very polite, well-mannered, and diligent. It’s also fashionable, a country where I want to have lots of fun and go shopping.

Zhu: Young people of my generation around me like Japanese anime and manga such as “SLAM DUNK”, “Detective Conan”, “ONE PIECE”, and “Demon slayer (鬼滅の刃)” are very popular. I personally like Japanese idols.

— Did you join SH because you like Japanese Idols?

Zhu: Yes, I like Sakura Miyawaki, she inspires me to be like her which pushes me every day to do better.

— Can you introduce us to something original to Shang Hai?

Mao: China is full of history and Shang Hai is a capital city that has many different colors. There is a very famous song of Shang Hai that has traveled across generations such as “夜上海 (Shanghai Night)” , “玫瑰玫瑰我愛你 (Rose, Rose, I Love You)”. We often hear these songs in movies and dramas about historical Shang Hai.

The 2 sang the chorus of “玫瑰玫瑰我愛你(Rose, Rose, I Love You)”, requested by the announcer.

— At last what are your resolutions?

Zhu: I am currently studying Japanese. I want to communicate quickly, be more active in the group, get a job in fashion, and be featured in a Japanese magazine.

Mao: I hope covid will be over soon, I hope Team SH will be known to everyone in the world and I would love to perform on a bigger stage.

The program ended with the song “Ogoe Diamond (大声钻石)” sung by AKB48 Team SH played in the background.

毛唯嘉 Mao WeiJia
朱苓 Zhu Ling

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