AKB48 Team SH 7th single “大声钻石(Ogoe Diamond)” released

April 14, AKB48 Team SH in Shanghai, China, released the music video for their 7th single “大声钻石 (Ogoe Diamond)” scheduled for release on April 1. Fans on social networking sites were delighted to see Team SH’s version of one of AKB48’s most famous songs, in which they shout out their love loudly on the “confession day” of White Day (Ritual custom to Japan, a day in which Male gives a present to the one’s they received chocolate on Valentine’s Day).

The new version uses the Bolt, a high-tech, high-speed shooting arm that allows for better textures in the video, and the performance scenes are more dynamic, also their new uniform outfits, which are completely different from those of the AKB48.

The story is shown on two screens at the same time, each from the viewpoint of a different member.

The Chinese lyrics include “Daisuki da Kimiga Daisukida (love you, I love you,)”, “Daisukida zutto Daisukida (I love you, I love you forever)” and “Diamond”, as well as “Zettaini kimi wo zettaini (Never, never you, never)” and “Zettaini chikau zattaini (Never, swear, never)” in the second verse, which is purposely sung in Japanese.

The coupling songs included in the CD are “機會的順序(チャンスの順番 / Chance no Junban”, “Get you!” and “昔日的运动鞋 (あの頃のスニーカー / Anokoro no Sneaker)”. Chance no Junban” will be performed by Chin Jiayi, the winner of the “AKB48 Team SH 1st Janken (Rock scissors paper) Tournament” held back on November 10, last year. “Get you!” and “昔日的运动鞋” will be included in AKB48 Team SH’s EP for the first time in their performance versions.

<AKB48 Team SH 7th EP 《大声钻石》>

<AKB48 Team SH 「大声钻石」Senbatsu Member>
★Center *Selected for the first time

刘念(Liu Nian★)、桂楚楚(Gui ChuChu)、朱苓(Zhu Ling)、毛唯嘉(Mao WeiJia)、邹若男(Zou RuoNan)、叶知恩(Ye ZhiEn)、曾鸶淳(Zeng SiChun)、施可妍(Shi KeYan)、魏新(Wei Xin)、孔珂昕(Kong KeXin)、李佳慧(Li JiaHui*)、张嘉哲(Zhang JiaZhe*)、张倩霏(Zhang QianFei)、施蔼倍(Shi AiBei)、邱笛尔(Qiu DiEr)、沈莹(Shen Ying)

< CD>

  1. 大声钻石 (大声ダイヤモンド / Ogoe Diaomond)
  2. 機會的順序(チャンスの順番 / Chance no Junban)
  3. Get you !
  4. 昔日的运动鞋 (あの頃のスニーカー/ Anokoro no Sneaker)
  5. 大声钻石(off vocal ver.)
  6. 機會的順序(off vocal ver.)
  7. Get you !  (off vocal ver.)
  8. 昔日的运动鞋 (off vocal ver.)


  1. 大声钻石 Music Video
  2. 大声钻石 Making Video

More information to: AKB48 Team SH official Weibo