AKB48 Team SH 1st Janken Tournament & 3rd Anniversary Concert event Held!

AKB48 Team SH held the “2nd Genki Carnival (AKB48 Team SH 第二届元气嘉年华)” at Jingan Sports Center in Shanghai. The team’s 3rd-anniversary concert was held on November 20, and the “AKB48 Team SH 1st Janken Tournament” was held on November 21.

The event was unveiled with the 3rd-anniversary concert on the first day. With 37 members, they opened the concert with the spirited song “TSH Sanjyo! “. They sang 30 carefully selected songs, including “Zipper,” “Seifuku Resistance,” and “Demodemo no Namida” which they performed for the first time, and a dance version of BNK48’s hit song “D-AAA ” as an encore, all in gorgeous 180 new costumes.

TSH Sanjyo !

The “AKB48 Team SH 1st Janken Tournament” on the following day, the 21st, was also a successful event.
Before the tournament, they performed 10 songs including “UZA” for the first time. For the Janken Tournament, 39 members took the stage with their own chosen cosplay costumes and humorous introductions in their handwriting and fought the tournament.


The finalists were Shi KeYan, a first-year student, and Chen JiaYi, a fourth-year research student. The match was a battle between senior members and first-year students. Chen JiaYi came on top with the win. She has crowned the first Janken Queen and won the center of the selected Janken song “Chance no Junban”. “My intuition came in handy!” She beamed with a smile.

Chen JiaYi won the final match.

After the competition, they also announced the release of their 7th single “Ooge Diamond” which is to be launched in 2022. The ace player, Liu Nian was chosen as the center of the song for the fourth time. When she grabbed the microphone, she said, “AKB48 is always shining and we aspire to be like the AKB48. We have been sheltered and protected by AKB48. One day we want to rise even stronger and be able to help AKB48. I’m confident that together with the members, we will be able to increase that excitement to 10,000 seconds, 100 million seconds, and even longer! I’m looking forward to the 4th year of Team SH heading into 2022 for Team SH.
We’re looking forward to the 4th year of Team SH heading into 2022 for Team SH.

<AKB48 Team SH 3rd Anniversary Concert Set list>

M00. Overture
M01. TSH Sanjyo!
M02. Kaze wa Fuiteiru
M03. Aitakatta
M04. TSH Festival
M05. Blue rose
M06. Candy
M07. Kuroi Tenshi
M08. Tsundere!
M09. Heart gata Virus
M10. Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chocho
M11. Zipper
M12. Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby
M13. Sustainable
M14. Anohi no Jibun
M15. End roll
M16. Kimidake ni Chu! Chu! Chu!
M17. Tenshi no Shippo
M18. Subete wa Tocyukeika
M19. Baguette
M20. Seifuku Resistance
M21. Demodemo no Namida
M23. Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai
M24. Dakara Kimiga Sukinanoka
M25.Heavy Rotation
M27.iiwake Maybe
M28. D.AAA (BNK48)
M29. Koisuru Foertune Cookie
M30. Hikoukigumo

1st place: Chen JiaYi
2nd place: Shi KeYan
3rd place: Zhou NianQi, Zhang YiLin
Quarter finalist: Shi AiBei, Wei Xin, Zou RuoNan, Li JiaHui
Into top 16: Liang ShiAn, Liu Nian, Qiu DiEr, Shen Ying, Zhang QianFei, Ma XiaoYu, Wu Fan, Zhang JiaZhe

Gui ChuChu, Kong KeXin, Liu Nian(*Center), Mao WeiJia, Qiu DiEr, Shen Ying, Shi AiBei, Shi KeYan, Wei Xin, Ye ZhiEn, Zeng SiChun, Zhang QianFei, Zhu Ling, Zou RuoNan, Li JiaHui, Zhang JiaZhe