AKB48 Team SH released their first original single “千秋令(Qian Qiu Ling)” with a touch of an oriental

On the 8th October AKB48 Team SH has released their 6th single “千秋令 (Qian Qiu Ling)”. Since their debut single back on January 14, 2019, the songs such as “Syonichi” to “So long”, “Syojyo tachiyo”, “Kazewa fuiteiru” to “Iiwake Maybe” was all AKB48 cover songs, this time the song was written and composed by Team SH themselves. The oriental touch to the song leaves much of an impression, which was first performed and became a popular subject at “AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2021 ONLINE” which was held back in June 27.

The melody is nostalgic and the lyric is based on folklore.AKB48’s soul number track “River” is included as a coupling song to appeal that they are also part of “AKB48”.

Ye ZhiEn performed the center for the first time, a student member from 3rd generation Qiu DiEr and Xie WenJie also joined the performance after ranking in at the General election.

The CD comes with 39 raw photos of the members, and a new “Gacha”(Lottery) system has been introduced and, photos signed by the members themselves are also included in the CD.

千秋令 (Qian Qiu Ling) Senbatsu Member>
桂楚楚(Gui ChuChu), 胡馨尹(Hu XinYin), 渐蔷薇(Jian QiangWei), 刘念(Liu Nian), 毛唯嘉(Mao WeiJia), 沈莹(Shen Ying), 施蔼倍(Shi AiBei), 施可妍(Shi KeYan), 谭珺兮(Tan JunXi), 吴安琪(Wu AnQi), 叶知恩(Ye ZhiEn * Center), 曾鸶淳(Zeng SiChun), 翟羽佳(Zhai YuJia), 邹若男(Zou RuoNan), 邱笛尔(Qiu DiEr), 谢雯婕(Xie WenJie)