AKB48 Team SH resumes theater performance at 100% audience capacity before the release of their new track.

While the activity of the entertainment industry in East and Southeast Asia has been restricted due to the influence of the Covid-19 spread, AKB48 TeamSH based in Shanghai has resumed its theater performance with success at 100% audience capacity since September 11th.The covid-19 situation in Shanghai is now under control and, with permission from the relevant authorities, the theater performance is now back on track for the first time in 2 years with a full seat of audiences.

Currently, Team SH is holding the “Renai Kinshi Jorei” performance with members that became officially a regular since August 1st, and the research students are holding the “Thumbnail” performance. The “Thumbnail” performance is also a 100% physical event since the 12th of the same month.

The stage of “Thumbnail “

Team SH’s return to normal activities is likely to attract a lot of attention, as it could be a model case for other regional 48 groups in the future.

Team SH will also be releasing their 6th single, “千秋令(Qian Qiu Ling)”, on September 30th. This is an original track with a traditional Chinese sound, and there are high expectations for this song as well.

You can watch the music video for “”千秋令(Qian Qiu Ling)”at AKB48 Team SH’s official Youtube channnel.