[EVENT REPORT] AKB48 Group CIRCLE JAM 2023 Murayama performs “Believers” as the centre for the first time

AKB48, BNK48, and CGM48 held the “AKB48 Group CIRCLE JAM 2023” on February 4 at Central World in Bangkok, Thailand. It was the first time in 4 years that AKB48 and the sister groups from overseas stood on the same stage since the “AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in BANGKOK” in January 2019, and the performing members were very excited about the event.

JKT48 Muthe, who is the member of TikTok Challenge Selected Member, shouted, “I’m here now! Thank you all so much! Thank you all sooooo much! “

AKB48 Team TPLin Yu-Hsin, who was also selected,” said, “I wanted to meet all the members, especially Zukkie (Mizuki Yamauchi), so I worked hard (for the TikTok Challenge)!” AKB48 Team TP Wang Yi-Chia said, “I am a big fan of BNK48 and CGM48, and I came to see the graduation concert of the first-term students in December. I wanted to come to Bangkok”.

Ratah (BNK), Muthe (JKT48), Wang Yi-Chia (AKB48 Team TP), Lin Yu-Hsin (AKB48 Team TP, Yoghurt (BNK48)

On this day, the ban on audience shout-outs (calls), which had been restricted for the Corona Disaster, was lifted. During the 2nd part of the concert, “Nemo hamo rumour” fans screamed as the intro played. When Mizuki Yamauchi introduced the title of the song during the MC for the first part, themed “Cute,” fans in the back of the stage shouted “Zukkie, you are the cutest! and Yamauchi responded with Khob khun mark Ka! (Thank you very much!),” and the crowd went wild.


Yuiri Murayama choreographed the song “Believers,” BNK48’s 12th single, in which she played the central role. I never dreamed in my wildest dreams that I would be performing a song I choreographed…please enjoy the AKB48, BNK48, and CGM48 versions of this song!”

Sita, a member of CGM48 from her hometown in Chiang Mai, said, “I am so happy to be on stage with my seniors from AKB48 and BNK48! Thank you, AKB48”.

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