AKB48 Overseas Sister Groups to Perform as Video Showcase at TIF ASIA TOUR Tokyo

It has been announced that AKB48’s overseas sister groups will perform at the “TIF ASIA TOUE 2022” on June 12 and 13 as a video showcase following last year’s event. The final stage of the Tokyo performance will be held at Ikebukuro Harevutai on June 12 for two shows, day and night, and at Spotify O-EAST on June 13 for one show with an audience. In addition, the entire show will be streamed online to the world.

BNK48 performed in Bangkok on May 7 and AKB48 Team TP in Taipei on May 15 during the “TIF ASIA TOUR”. Their respective performances in each local venue will also be featured in the Tokyo show. Team TP, BNK48 and CGM48 members will also appear in online talk sessions.

JKT48, MNL48, and CGM48 will also deliver live footage and video messages.
AKB48 Team 8 will appear live on stage on the 13th, performing members will be announced later.

For purchasing tickets and more information, please visit TIF ASIA TOUR official FB or TW.

●TIF ASIA TOUR 2022 in harevutai 【1st part】

・DATE:Sunday, June 12 2022 / 3.00pm (JST) start
・Venue:Ikebukuro harevutai
・TIckets: Priority ¥6,500 / Standig ¥4,500 / Streaming viewing ¥1,000
<TOKYO>CROWN POP / Niji Universe(from Ho Chi Minh)/ Meme Tokyo/ 結音 YUION and more
<ASIA>SOLI from Meme Tokyo(Soul) and other groups from Asia.

●TIF ASIA TOUR 2022 in harevutai 【2nd part】
・DATE:Sunday, June 12 2022 / 7.00pm (JST) start
・Venue:Ikebukuro harevutai
・TIckets: Priority ¥6,500 / Standig ¥4,500 / Streaming viewing ¥1,000
<TOKYO>ARCANA PROJECT / 愛乙女☆DOLL(Lovely☆DOLL) / Run Girls , Run! and more
<Overseas 48 groups>AKB48 Team TP(Taipei)
<Asia>陽光◆スペクトラ (Sol◆Spectra / Taipei) / Primlav(Taipei) 萌エリア-絕對萌域(Moe-area / Taipei) / 昼食彼女 Lunch Girls(Lunch Girls / Taipei)/ 月宵◇クレシェンテ (Luna◇Crescente / Taipei) and other groups from Asia.
<VTuber> えのぐ(Enogu) / Palette Projec LiLYPSE

●TIF ASIA TOUR 2022 in Spotify O-EAST
・DATE:Monday, June 13 2022 / 6.00pm (JST) start
・Venue:Spotify O-EAST (at Shibuya)
・Tickets:Reserved seats in the front row ¥7,500 / 2nd floor seat ¥7,500 / Standing ¥5,000 / Streaming viewing ¥1,000
<Tokyo>AKB48 Team 8 (*performing members will be announced later) / Task have Fun / でんぱ組.inc (Denpagumi.inc) / 虹のコンキスタドール(Niji no Conquistador) / 真っ白なキャンバス(Masshiro na Canvas)/ Luce Twinkle Wink☆ / わーすた(WASUTA) and more
<Overseas 48 groups>BNK48(Bangkok) / CGM48(Chiang Mai)
<Asia> AKIRA KURØ(Bangkok)/ Castella(Bangkok)Siam☆Dream(Bangkok) / Sumomo(Bangkok)
Daisy Daisy(Bangkok)/ DEADKAT(Bangkok) / BaifernChan(Bangkok) / Hatobito(Bangkok)Paintbrush(Bangkok) / Euphonie☆(Bangkok)/ Last Idol Family: Someday(Bangkok)and other groups from Asia.
<VTuber>GEMS COMPANY / NHOT BOT / まりなす(Marinasu) / 奏みみ(Kanade Mimi) and more

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