SGO48 and MNL48 to challenge the AKB48 single “Nemo hamo Rumor” dance on TikTok.

AKB48’s 58th single “Nemo hamo Rumor,” released on September 29, has been attracting attention for its high-level rock dance, and many members of overseas sister groups, including Ho Chi Minh’s SGO48 and MNL48 from Manila, have begun to take a challenge at it on TikTok.

As of October 1, 13 members of SGO48 and 6 members of MNL48 have danced to the same song on TikTok.

Not only idols, but also ordinary people who like to dance have been dancing to this song on TikTok, and the trend is starting to spread across the ocean to Southeast Asia.

Links to the clip of TikTok


SGO48 Xuân Ca(20)
SGO48 Trùng Dương(21)
SGO48 Nini(21)
SGO48 Thu Nga(17)
SGO48 Tammy(17)

Dạo này các chị em trong nhà đang tích cực truyền năng lượng 根も葉もRumor đến mọi người nè~ thật thành công nàooo!#AKB48#根も葉もRumor#NemoHamoRumor

♬ 根も葉もRumor(サビ) – AKB48
SGO48 Mochi(17)
SGO48 Tiên Linh(23)
SGO48 Janie(19)
SGO48 Sunny(17)
SGO48 Ánh Sáng(15)


MNL48 Jaydee(18)

MNL48 Sheki(19)
MNL48 Lyza(21)
MNL48 Ruth(22)
MNL48 Jan(20)